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Golfers Elbow or Tennis Elbow - Which One do You Suffer From?
Of all the major elbow injuries, the two most common are golfers elbow and tennis elbow. The problem is knowing which one you actually suffer from. Let's take a look at both golfers elbow and tennis elbow.
Golfers elbow is very similar to tennis elbow, in the sense that the causes and ways you can develop it are the same. If you suffer from golfers elbow, you will feel pain and discomfort on the inside of your elbow, closest to your body.
Tennis elbow on the other hand, is pain and discomfort on the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow is much more common than golfers elbow. With tennis elbow, the pain usually starts out innocently enough as dull pain or may feel like you just bumped your elbow. Overtime, if not treated, tennis elbow will get worse. It's important, to first get diagnosed from a medical professional and then take proactive measures to cure and treat it.

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