I’ve been receiving lots of emails recently about whether or not you can get tennis elbow in both arms.

Tennis elbow primarily develops in your dominant arm.  If you are left handed, then if you have elbow pain on the outside of your elbow, then you most likely have tennis elbow.  For right handed individuals, you are more likely to get it in your right elbow than your left.

It’s not to say that it is impossible to get in both elbows, it’s just not that common.

What we know about tennis elbow is that is caused by performing repetitive actions, movements or tasks over an extended period of time with your dominant arm.  When doing these activities, most people are holding some sort of object – to achieve a specific goal or task.

For example, a plumber who works with his wrench all day long, is considered high risk for getting tennis elbow.  The constant gripping and squeezing of the wrench combined with arm rotation and wrist extension causes extreme strain and pressure on the extensor tendon.  Over time and from doing the same motion over and over again, a small tear or rip develops in the tendon.  This is when you start to experience pain on the outside of your elbow.

Besides outer elbow pain, other symptoms may include: a) a decrease in grip strength, b) an increase in arm stiffness, c) pain that quite often shoots down the forearm and into the hand/wrist, d) an increase in elbow pain when gripping objects such as door handles, grocery bags, or even simply holding a beer mug.

The thing with tennis elbow is that most people ignore the early warning signs and let their injury become more severe than they thought.  This injury gets worse over time and you may end up losing your independence because of it.  Even opening the lid on a jar can be almost impossible because of your elbow pain.

Most people who get this condition don’t realize that they can self-treat their injury at home without medical intervention.  All it really takes are 5 simple steps on how to fix tennis elbow at home that you do while sitting in your chair watching your favorite TV show.

Many individuals experience a significant and noticeable decrease in elbow pain within the first 72 hours and an increase in elbow/forearm  strength right away.

Simply click here where a video will reveal these 5 simple steps to you so you can start recovering from tennis elbow at home today!




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