cortisone-shot-med Think twice if your doctor recommends a Cortisone shot to treat tennis elbow

Here’s why…

Sometimes as last resort, your doctor may advise or recommend that you get a cortisone shot to help control the nagging pain associated with tennis elbow.

More often than not, “if” cortisone shots are not effective then surgery is usually the next step(My personal opinion is not to opt for invasive surgery).

Doctors tend to buy into the theory that if you can diminish the inflammation and swelling with the cortisone, then the damaged tendons
and muscles can start the healing process.

Now, what you should know about cortisone is that it’s a painful, intra-muscle injection that “temporarily” suppresses inflammation at the source of the injection site but…

Cortisone Shots Can Be Extremely Dangerous Because…

1. Elbow inflammation IS a symptom of tennis elbow and NOT the problem. Simply put, it’s part of the normal healing process that every tennis elbow sufferer has to go through.

2. Cortisone injections have been shown to make tendons WEAKER and actually SLOW the healing process.  Why would you want to slow the healing process…this is backwards!

3. The root cause and true source of your tennis elbow problem isn’t in the tendon where it you experience pain plus it can’t be pinpointed that easily(You need to look at other factors such as lifestyle, activities, etc.)

Once considered a miracle drug, Cortisone has been found to degrade and weaken muscle and tendon tissue (“SOURCE:…Corticosteroid[Cortisone] injection into tendon tissue leads to cell death and tendon atrophy” Nirschl RP: Elbow Tendinosis /Tennis Elbow. Clin Sports Med 11:851-870, 1992. (“SOURCE: Corticosteroids… [Cortisone] are thought to decrease collagen… weaken the tensile strength of tendons, and ultimately result in poorer healing” MAJ Francis G. O’Connor, MD; LTC Thomas M. Howard, MD Catherine M. Fieseler, MD;Robert P. Nirschl, MD, MS—The Physician and Sportsmedicine – Vol 25 – No. 5 – May 9)

Now I bet you feel relieved that you don’t have to go the invasive route of getting a cortisone injection, it’s really not effective in getting rid of your tennis elbow pain for good.  If your doctor recommends one, feel free to bring up the 3 reasons why cortisone injections can be dangerous and counterproductive in aiding  the healing process!

WARNING: Graphic Video on Cortisone Injection

If you’re like me, you hate needles, so this news sits just fine with me.  The only TRUE way to  address the root cause of your tennis elbow is by implementing a proven, blueprint formula that literally takes you by the hand and shows you how to get rid of your tennis elbow for good – and by someone who can relate to what you are going through and had suffered from tennis elbow for 7 years but is now a SURVIVOR!

…if you are serious about curing your tennis elbow and want to learn a step-by-step, instructional approach (with Videos & DVD Tutorials) and WITHOUT NEEDLE INJECTIONS from the comfort of your own home

cortisone shots tennis elbow


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13 Responses to Cortisone Shots Can Be Dangerous For Tennis Elbow Treatment

  1. Brad says:

    Ive had tennis elbow for 6 months now. The hammer exercise helps. Icing my arm for about an hour a day also helps…but the most effective is rubbing a hockey ball deep into the area to encourage blood flow. It does bruise the area but since doing it I have had no pain at all.

  2. sazali bin husenibhai says:

    hi my name is sazali ,i got the tennis elbow due to work injury carrying heavy equipment tools,already seen therapist about 4 times twice seen by the doctor registrar,but the pain is unbearable on my right elbow,but on the left elbow it seem getting better but when certain times if uncoincidence happen to carry a heavy thing the pain on my elbow started to swell & pain again could you kindly give me a possible tips should i go for the surgery(for your info left elbow injected once and right elbow injected 3 times and right hand strenght getting weaker what should i do thanks

  3. Stewart says:

    Hi, I have found relief from inner elbow pain by using your hammer exercise.
    After about 2 weeks of the hammer and other light exercises,
    I can feel the muscle parts at the elbow joint strengthening and growing bigger. Tne area around the elbow was very pointy and boney before, and now it is filling out as it should be.
    I was wanting to know if you have exercises to strengthen the joint areas of other body parts such as ankles knees and the back? If not, guess I will have to
    Google for tennis knee or tennis back!

  4. ulupi says:

    Hi thanx for yu advice abt. cortisone shots. Definately won’t go for it.

  5. tenniselbowtips says:

    Hi Gordy,

    Thanks for the comment.

    The DVD should take 5 business days to reach you there in Aussie.

    It’s not uncommon to experience some tingling in your ring and small fingers. I did experience from time to time shooting pain from my elbow down my forearm and into my wrist and fingers. I know how frustrating this injury is but you need to keep up the fight against tennis elbow so you can get your life back.

    Best Regards,

  6. gordy says:

    hi geoff
    i have elbow pain in both arms real bad cant straighten my arms or touch my mouth in pain constantly doing towl behind neck & hammer 2 times a day getting some relief . am going 2 buy your cd how long will it take to get to aussy land .when u had t/elbow did u get pins & needles from finger tips 2 shoulder .cant wait 2 get my life back.

  7. janet says:

    I have been dealing with tennis elbow for over 2 years now. Last year I had 4 cortisone shots. It is now May 2011 and I had one in feb one in april and have a dr appointment today to find out what other options I have. The shots worked at first for about 3 months at a time. I wear a band during the day and a brace when I know my workload is going to be the heaviest. I cannot just quit my job and find one that doesn’t involved using my left arm. I have been told by my dr to just let it heal and it seems to be getting worse. Now I cannot straighten my arm out at all and I’m afraid I’m going to lose all use of it.. My doctor says that they just don’t ‘cut’ on people and I usderstand that but he is also supposed to be better educated in orthopedic areas than I. I am at my wits end and do not know what else to do or try. I have spent thousands of dollars for dr visits, braces, creams and gels. I ice my elbow hourly!!! Anything anyone can suggest would be worth a try..

  8. […] 7 days.  But to make matters worse, some doctors will even recommend you take painful, invasive cortisone shots for tennis elbow therapy, which can be extremely […]

  9. […] Cortisone shots are dangerous for tennis elbow treatment, not only because they are very painful to get but they also promote muscle weakness and fatigue.  You may only experience relief for 2 weeks and then the pain comes back again, and in most cases worse than before. […]

  10. […] are quick to recommend them because it gets the patient out of their office for 6-8weeks.  Yes, cortisone injections are dangerous for tennis elbow treatment but do provide short term relief for 6 – 8 weeks and then this nagging injury rears […]

  11. admin says:

    Hi Noreen,

    Glad to hear my tennis elbow tips are helping and you are finally getting pain relief. Cortisone shots are only a band-aid, short term solution when what you really need is a step-by-step program. Keep up the good fight! You will beat this terrible injury.

    All my best,

  12. Noreen Kelly says:

    After having cortisone shots twice and my tenis elbow returned I decided this time to try your exercises and I am getting relief slowly but surely. I am pretty much pain free during the day and I get nights now that I do not wake during the night. Thanks for all your exercising tips.

  13. shafi says:

    thank u for giving valuable information abt t e

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