dart-throwers-elbow Millions of people throughout the world enjoy the game of darts.

The game itself has it’s origin back before the first world war, where the game was enjoyed by gentlemen in pubs throughout the United Kingdom.

Back then dart boards were actually made of wood and had to be soaked overnight to fill the holes created by the darts.  Today most dartboards are made of sisal fibers or cork.

With the explosion of this sport, injuries are become all more common.  It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or professional.  The most common injury affecting dart players is an elbow injury called Dart Thrower’s Elbow.

What is the main cause of this injury?

Well besides the obvious fact that the actual physical motion of throwing a dart is repetitive and repetitive actions tend to lead to strains overtime.  Look no further than your actual dart throwing form and setup as the most likely cause.

Let’s examine the perfect way to throw a dart so you can compare your setup and perhaps make some adjustments to help decrease your dart throwers elbow pain.

First examine your body’s alignment to the dartboard.  To ensure a perfect throw every time, it’s imperative that your shoulders, elbow and throwing hand form a straight line to the board.  You can observe many people who setup their elbow a little left or right which can affect your throw and develop into a bad habit.

Secondly, it’s important to maintain a steady and rhythmic throwing motion.  Your hand, wrist and elbow are responsible for your throwing speed as your shoulders steady your throw.  Ideally, your elbow should rise as you extend your arm to deliver the dart towards the board.

Next look at how you hold the dart in your fingers.  A good dart player always hold their darts level aiming in the direction of the dartboard.  Amateurs and non-skilled dart players hold their darts sideways before they throw.

The final tip is your stance and how you balance yourself in your throwing position.  Many people lean or sway as they prepare to throw their dart.  It’s impossible to be consistent with an unbalanced stance.  Focus on a strong, centered balance.  Your body and feet should be perpendicular or sideways to the dartboard, not toes first.

Any sort of deviation away from these 4 tips can cause unnecessary strain and stress on your elbow.  This is most likely why you are experiencing and suffering from dart thrower’s elbow.

Did you know that Darts throwers elbow is the exact same condition as a tennis elbow injury(don’t let the name fool you)?

Pain and tenderness on the outside of your elbow that increases when you grip down on an object or perform repetitive arm extension actions(such as throwing darts).

If you are fed up with your dart throwers and tennis elbow pain, and want to continue playing darts pain free – instead of watching from the sidelines, click on the button below to learn 5 steps to treat and heal your aching elbow from the comfort of your home!

dart throwers elbow

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