elbow-tendonitis-treatment At some point in your life, there is a good chance that you will unfortunately suffer from a form of tendonitis.

One of the most reported types of tendonitis is elbow tendonitis.

So if you do get this terrible injury, what is the best form of elbow tendonitis treatment?

Before we jump straight into your options for treatment, it’s best to learn exactly what is tendonitis.

Tendonitis in laymen terms is inflammation and swelling of the tendons.

You can have many different types of tendonitis: elbow tendonitis, knee tendonitis, ankle tendonitis, wrist tendonitis, shoulder tendonitis, etc.

Anywhere in your body where tendons attach to your muscles near a joint, can get a bout of tendonitis.

As with any form of tendonitis, overuse it usually the root cause.

Whether you’ve just started a new exercise routine, sport, activity, hobby, or simply performing a repetitive task of a period of time can all lead to and develop into tendonitis.

Your tendons are not used to this “new” type of activity or give in to the excessive wear and tear, they break down and as a result swelling and inflammation occurs.

Another contributing factor to any type of tendonitis is your age.

As we age, our tendons lose it’s elasticity and as a result they don’t stretch like they used.

Pushing your tendons to the limit as you age can sometimes lead to an injury such as tendonitis.

So what’s the deal with elbow tendonitis?

Elbow tendonitis occurs when the tendons in the forearm that attach to the elbow come under extreme strain and pressure and eventually become inflamed and swollen.

The medical term for elbow tendonitis is lateral epicondylitis but it’s more commonly referred to as tennis elbow.

You don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow!

There are many activities, jobs, hobbies and sports that can increase your risk of developing elbow tendonitis such as:

  • performing carpentry or construction work
  • gardening
  • renovations
  • painting
  • playing any type of racket sport
  • volleyball
  • baseball
  • golf
  • hairdressers
  • dentists
  • dental assistants
  • construction workers
  • computer programmers
  • factory workers

Any type of activity that requires a tight grip on an object for an extended period of time combined with excessive wrist and elbow rotation can eventually lead to and cause tennis elbow.

So what are some of the common symptoms of elbow tendonitis?

  • pain and tenderness on the outside of your elbow
  • inflammation and swelling of your elbow, especially if you’ve just suffered from this injury within the past 2 weeks
  • difficulty in straightening or extending your arm fully, especially in the morning
  • simple tasks such as gripping a coffee mug, shaking someones hand or turning a doorknob causes pain in your arm and elbow
  • you notice your grip has been getting weaker
  • you constantly drop and fumble with things
  • carrying a grocery bag, briefcase or luggage causes arm pain
  • turning a screw with a screwdriver causes extreme pain

If you can relate to any of the above symptoms, there is good chance that you are indeed suffering from elbow tendonitis and tennis elbow.

So now that you know you have tennis elbow, what are your options for elbow tendonitis treatment?

Here’s the kicker:

You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash for expensive doctors and physical therapy visits.

Forget about washing down fistful of anti-inflammatory pills on a daily basis that only masks the pain for a few hours.

Slam the door in the face of knife wielding elbow surgeon!

All it really takes are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques and elbow tendonitis exercises that you can do while watching your favorite television show from the comfort of home without any special exercise equipment.

Yes, you can cure your own elbow tendonitis and treat it while sitting in your comfy chair in your own living room!

how to treat elbow tendonitis

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  3. tenniselbowtips says:

    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the comment. If you mean, does the program address and help recovery from inner elbow tendonitis, which is also known as golfers elbow, yes the program works for it as well.

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    is tendinitis inner elbow 2 included

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