elbow-arthritis-exercises If you suffer from any form of arthritis, you know that the pain can sneak up on you at anytime of the day.  Some people say that it gets worse when the weather is about change whereas simply suffer all the time.  If you are one of the millions of people every year who suffer from elbow arthritis, you know much the pain can interfere with your daily activities.

But what if there were some basic elbow arthritis exercises that you could do that would help decrease your pain?  If so, would you do them?

Before I disclose some basic exercises for elbow arthritis treatment, it’s important to know exactly what arthritis is and why it hurts so much.

There are actually three types of arthritis: 1) Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Juvenile Arthritis.

Let’s first explain what osteoarthritis is.  It’s a degenerative joint disease and is the most common type of arthritis.  Basically the cartilage of your joints breakdown which causes your bones to rub together which results in pain, loss of movement and stiffness.

Rheumatoid Arthritis occurs when the lining of the joints becomes inflamed.  Over time it causes joint damage and severe pain, loss of function of the affected joint and disability.

Last but not least, Juvenile Arthritis is any type of arthritis that occurs in children or teenagers who are less than 18 years of age.

If you suffer from elbow arthritis, the worst thing you can do is stop moving or bending your arm.  Any reputable doctor or physician will tell you this.  So the best thing you can do on a daily basis is perform elbow arthritis exercises, and the best part is that you don’t have to buy any special exercise equipment or gadgets.

These exercises are exactly the same that people who suffer from tennis elbow use for effective treatment and pain relief.

Elbow Arthritis Exercise #1

Put your forearm on the table with the wrist and palm face down on the table.  Use a canned good for weight in your hand.  Bend your wrist downwards and bring it up past parallel to the floor. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.  Take 45 second break in between sets.

Elbow Arthritis Exercise #2

Put your wrist and arm on the edge of the table again but this time palm facing upwards.  Put the canned good in your hand, let your wrist fall down towards the floor and then back up past parallel to the floor.  Again perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Elbow Arthritis Exercise #3

Stand up straight and stretch your arms out in in front of you. Grab a broomstick and attach a water bottle with a string to the middle of the broomstick for weight. Once attached, hold the broomstick out in front of you with your palms facing down, make sure the water bottle is up off the floor and begin to roll the string around the stick by flexing your wrists to roll the string around the broomstick. Then, unroll the string. Perform this twice with a 1 minute break in between.

So those are 3 simple elbow arthritis exercises that you can do from the comfort of home without having to buy any exercise gadgets or gimmicks.

If you are serious about completely eliminating arthritis of the elbow, simply click the button below where you’ll learn more tennis elbow exercises that are proven to aid in the recovery from elbow arthritis.

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