elbow-pain-extension Elbow pain does not discriminate against age or gender.

Many people who suffer from pain in the elbow have no clue on what exactly caused their injury.

The pain can seemingly come out of nowhere and strike even when we are just sitting, taking it easy.

But for others, you may notice that your elbow pain is worse or increases when your arm is in full extension or you straighten your arm fully.

So what exactly does it mean when your elbow hurts when you extend or straighten your arm fully?

Is this something that will simply get better with some good old rest and relaxation or is it something you should be concerned about?

The first thing to check is the location of your pain.  Is it on the inside or outside of your elbow?

If your elbow pain is on the inside of your elbow, chances are you are suffering from an injury called golfers elbow.

You don’t have to play golf to suffer from golfers elbow.

Golfers elbow is a repetitive strain injury characterized by pain and inflammation on the inside of your elbow.

It is mostly caused by performing activities that require a tight grip with your fingers on an object combined with wrist rotation, over an extended period of time.

But if your elbow pain is on the outside of your elbow and gets worse when extending your arm, then there is a strong chance that you are suffering from the most commonly reported type of elbow injury called tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is most notably described by sufferers as pain, tenderness and inflammation on the outside of the elbow.

Just like golfers elbow, tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury that occurs of an extended period of time and rarely occurs overnight.

When you suffer from tennis elbow, what happens is that the extensor tendon that attaches at the lateral epicondyle of your elbow, becomes inflamed and irritated from excessive strain and pressure.

Overtime, the tendon eventually tears from the wear and strain of your repetitive movements.  This is when you experience pain.

So when you make the motion of extending your arm, the extensor tendon gets stretched and pulled, opening up the small tear and possibly even making the tear larger!

Performing activities where you throw a ball, use a rake, broom, shovel, reach overhead, lifting any sort of objects where your arms are extended out in front of you, or even carrying grocery bags can all cause extreme pain and discomfort.

Even reaching out or extending your arm fully to shake someone’s hand can be challenging.

To be totally sure that it is tennis elbow that you are suffering from, you may also experience some of these other symptoms:

  • elbow pain that increases when you flex or extend your wrist
  • you may notice your grip has been getting weaker and you fumble or drop things more often than before
  • pain in your elbow gets worse when you grasp or grip objects
  • you have a burning sensation or tenderness on the outside of your elbow
  • performing twisting actions of your forearm causes elbow pain
  • pain that sometimes radiates down from your elbow to your wrist

So what’s the best, simplest and fastest way to get rid of your elbow pain from arm extension and cure your tennis elbow at all the same time?

The answer is actually quite simple!

All it really takes are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do from the comfort of your own living room while sitting in your comfy chair watching your favorite television show without any special exercise equipment or gadgets!

elbow pain extending arm

It’s free!

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One Response to Elbow Pain Extension of Arm

  1. lo lee says:

    elbow pain was releived by the excrutiating cortizone shot for about 2 months. back again and getting worse. so i started doing stretching excercises with squeezing three to five times every other day for about a couple seconds each time. seems to be a little better. never again will i get a cortizone shot. omg!

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