elbow-pain-boxing Reports and studies have shown that tennis elbow doesn’t just affect tennis players.  It equally affects homemakers, blue collar workers and sports enthusiasts.

One specific sport where people often complain of elbow pain is boxing.

Why is it that so many “fit individuals” suffer elbow pain from boxing?  Is it bad technique?  Poor conditioning?  Just bad genes?

If you are enthusiastic about boxing, you most likely hit the gym 3 or more times a week.  Your training may involve cardio, speed, endurance and strength training.

Some boxers like to shadow box holding dumbbells.  This can cause swelling, pain and inflammation of your elbow.  The repetitive motion and fast snapping of your wrist and elbow extension can cause wear and tear of the supporting structures of your elbow, namely the tendons that attach your forearm muscles to your arm bone.

Does your boxing training include pad work?  This could be the true source of your elbow pain!

If your pain is on the outside of your elbow, then you may have an injury known as tennis elbow(what is tennis elbow?).

The problem for many is that as you get better at hitting the pads, you start hitting harder and faster.  As you increase the intensity, the more strain is put on your wrist and arm muscles especially at the joints.  Your joints are meant to absorb shock which as your speed increases so does the vibration sent to your elbow joints.

But what about the heavy bag?  Is it just as bad as pad work when it comes to elbow pain?

The short answer is Yes.  The problem with boxers hitting the heavy bag is that they try to “kill it”.  The focus should be on trying to improve and develop your technique and speed.  The power will come after these 2 skills have been improved.

Another tip is to ensure that your hands are wrapped/taped properly.  If your hands/knuckles are taped properly, then it will absorb the most shock which takes the pressure off your wrist and elbow joints.

So what is the best thing to do if you have painful and sore elbows from boxing?

You need to start doing exercises that specifically target and strengthen the muscles and tendons at your elbow.

Exercises that will thicken and repair your extensor tendons at your elbow so you no longer suffer from elbow pain on the outside of your elbow(more commonly known as tennis elbow) after your boxing training sessions.  Tennis elbow treatment will help you recover faster from your elbow pain so you spend more hours training.

If you are fed up with elbow pain after your boxing sessions, or if it is holding you back in your training, click on the button below to watch a short video that will reveal 5 simple steps you can do at home to stop your elbow pain fast!

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