elbow-pain-radiating-to-hand When you suffer from elbow pain, the simplest of tasks can seem daunting and challenging.

But when you have elbow pain that shoots from your elbow and into your hand, that’s a double whammy!

So what exactly does it mean when you have elbow pain radiating to your hand?

Is this something serious or just pain that will pass with rest and time away from what caused the pain in the first place?

This type of symptom is very common with individuals who suffer from the most commonly reported type of elbow injury – tennis elbow.

And we’ll get to the best and proven and safe tennis elbow treatment in just a minute but…

Before you “jump the gun” and think there’s no way you could be suffering from tennis elbow, you don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow.

It’s just the term used by the medical community, simply because the first ever reported case was by a tennis player.

In fact, over 95% of reported tennis elbow cases each and every year are from non-tennis players.

Tennis elbow can affect anyone at any age but it mostly affects people between the ages of 35-60.

Tennis elbow is characterized by inflammation and pain on the outside of your elbow.

And it’s not uncommon for people to report elbow pain radiating to wrist and into your hand.

Tennis elbow occurs when the flexor tendon that attaches at the lateral epicondyle of your elbow becomes torn from performing repetitive tasks over an extended period of time.

The strangest thing about tennis elbow is the majority of sufferers only experience swelling and inflammation for the first 2 weeks of suffering the injury, after 2-3 weeks there are no physical signs of inflammation but the pain remains.

Having to deal with the pain and agony in your arms and hands for days and even weeks can become quite uncomfortable, and it can also prevents you from being able to do the things that you are normally able to do, using your arms and hands.

If you want your elbow injury to get better, you need to be careful when performing any of the activities that cause tennis elbow, such as:

  • Construction work and hobbies – Any type of work that involves lifting heavy materials and when you not careful enough or using safe form, you could be putting a lot of stress on your arms.
  • Mechanical Work – Any type of work that involves plenty of twisting movements with your forearms and wrists combined with a tight grip on an object could increase your likelihood of developing tennis elbow.
  • Computer use –  When you type for hours on end almost everyday, it can trigger an impact on your elbows.  In order to prevent injury, you should make sure that your forearms are horizontal to your keyboard.
  • Carrying a Suitcase/Bags or briefcase – When you are always carrying a heavy bags or briefcases, it can increase your likelihood of incurring tennis elbow injury.
  • Sleep position – When your sleep position causes strain in your arm, for example sleeping with your arm outstretched above your head or pinned behind your back.

So if you are completely fed up with this elbow pain radiating to your hand, the first thing you shouldn’t do is wear a tennis elbow brace.

These devices only promote muscle fatigue and weakness.

With an injury such as tennis elbow, you need to make your damaged muscles and tendons stronger, not weaker!

The next thing to avoid is spending hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash on doctors, physio, cortisone shots, acupuncture, massage therapy or anti-inflammatory creams or pills.

Simply put – they will only take away your money and not your pain!

By now you’re probably thinking:

Ok – so what is the fastest and quickest tennis elbow treatment to stop your pain for good?

All it really takes to completely eliminate elbow pain that radiates to your hand and stubborn tennis elbow are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do from the comfort of your own home, while sitting in your comfy chair watching your favorite television show without any special exercise equipment or gadgets!

Click on the button below to see the 5 steps in action!

elbow pain radiating hand

2 Responses to Elbow Pain Radiating to Hand

  1. tenniselbowtips says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your comment.

    A burning sensation on the outside of your elbow is one symptom of tennis elbow.

    What about other symptoms such as an increase in elbow pain when you grip or squeeze anything such as opening the lid of a jar of jam or perhaps opening the fridge door? Does your arm hurt when you fully extend and straighten your arm?

    These are other symptoms that are true indicators of tennis elbow.

    Best regards,

  2. bob mich says:

    since yesterday i have a burning pain from elblow down to hand on left arm it is on top of arm what is it

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