elbow-sprain-symptoms There are many different types of elbow injuries you can suffer from.  One of the most common types is an elbow sprain.  An elbow sprain occurs when one or both of the ligaments in the elbow becomes torn or stretched.

So how do you know when this has occurred?  Are there specific set of elbow sprain symptoms that you should watch out for?

Of course there are some tell tale signs and symptoms of an elbow sprain but did you also know that your elbow sprain can be graded based on how severe it is?

There are 3 grades of an elbow sprain that you can suffer from:

  1. Grade 1 – you will experience elbow pain but damage to the elbow ligaments are minor.  Sometimes referred to as a mild elbow sprain.
  2. Grade 2 – you may feel mild looseness of the elbow joint itself plus you have mild ligament damage to either one or both of the elbow ligaments.  Also known as a moderately sprained elbow.
  3. Grade 3 – the most severe grade of elbow strain where you completely tear one or both ligaments in your elbow plus your elbow joint will feel unstable and loose.  Sometimes classified as a severe elbow sprain.

It’s not uncommon to suffer an elbow sprain when taking a fall onto your elbow or outstretched arm.  Some people may experience an elbow sprain if their elbow gets twisted or hyper-extended.

The most common type of elbow sprain symptoms can include:

  • pain, swelling and inflammation of the injured elbow
  • difficulty in bending or straightening your arm fully
  • a decrease in your normal range of motion of your arm
  • an increase in elbow pain when you perform twisting activities of the forearm

Other symptoms of an elbow sprain can also include:

  • a decrease in grip strength
  • you fumble or drop things more often than before
  • an increase in elbow pain when you perform twisting activities such as turning a doorknob or screwdriver
  • pain that sometimes radiates from your elbow, down your forearm and into your wrist or fingers

So what is the best elbow sprain treatment so you get back to all your favorite sports and activities as soon as possible?

The first thing you should do when you suffer any type of sprain is apply ice.  This will help minimize any swelling or inflammation that you may have.  You can apply ice packs to your elbow for 10-15mins, 3 or 4 times a day.  It will not only help decrease the swelling and inflammation but it will also help with pain.  Remember to keep your arm elevated with a pillow when you you are icing.  Never apply ice directly to the skin as this can cause permanent skin damage.

The worse thing you can do when trying to recover from an elbow sprain is returning to your favorite sports or activities before the ligaments have been completely healed.  Far too many sufferers return to their activities too soon and this is when further damage and injury can occur.

For those who want to recover as soon as possible and in the shortest possible time, doesn’t require a big financial investment or time constraint.  You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash on endless trips to the doctors or physical therapist.  Forget popping anti-inflammatories or ibuprofen on a daily basis that only really masks the pain.  You don’t have to wear bulky and restrictive elbow braces or bands.  Who really wants to smear on smelly, clothes staining, muscle creams or rubs?

In fact, all it really takes to eliminate the symptoms associated with an elbow sprain are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do from the comfort of your own living sitting in your comfy chair watching your favorite television show – without any special exercise equipment or gadgets!

elbow sprained symptoms

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One Response to Elbow Sprain Symptoms

  1. MINI says:

    my elbow hurts on the pointy spot. I crashed my dirt bike and I think it might be broken. it hurts when I fully stretch it out and is just a little bit swollen. it also seems to freeze up into this position of 3 on a pain scale.


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