elbow-strain If you’ve ever suffered from an elbow strain, you know that it can severely impact your ability to complete even the most basic everyday activities and tasks.  Simply gripping a coffee mug, shaking someone’s hand or turning a doorknob causes pain near the elbow.

An elbow strain is typically described as an injury to the muscles or tendons that attach to the bones near the elbow.  An imbalance or weakness in one or more of the muscles or tendons near the elbow can result in a strained elbow.

Did you know that the severity of your elbow strain pain depends on which type or grade of strain you have suffered?

There are three types or categories of elbow strains that the majority of sufferers fall into:

  1. Mild Strain (Grade 1) – this type of elbow strain occurs when you have a slight pull of the forearm muscles but there is no tear in the muscle or tendons.  There is also no decrease in grip strength.
  2. Moderate Strain (Grade 2) – this type of strain occurs when there is significant tearing of the muscles, tendons or where the tendon attaches directly to the bone.  Sufferers notice a significant decrease in hand strength and ability to fully straighten their arm without pain.
  3. Severe Strain (Grade 3) – characterized by a complete rupture and separation of the muscle-tendon-bone.  To fully recover from this type of tear surgery is required.

An elbow strain is sometimes referred to as an elbow sprain.  The majority of strains at the elbow fall into the Mild to Moderate categories or types.  Common causes of an elbow strain included activities or actions where you perform repetitive actions over an extended period of time.  Activities that require you to have a tight grip on an object that sometimes includes elbow rotation.  For example, construction workers using tools, plumbers, golfers, cooks, dentists, factory workers, musicians, etc… all fall into the high risk category for developing an elbow strain.

If you participate in racquet sports, throwing sports, some contact sports, have poor muscle conditioning in the forearm, are obese, or have a poor diet, you too also have a higher risk of suffering from an elbow strain.

Many people are unaware that an elbow strain injury is very much the same as a tennis elbow injury, especially for the Mild to Moderate type sufferers.  Tennis elbow is pain and inflammation on the outside of the elbow.  It is caused by performing repetitive activities over an extended period of time which results in small micro tears of the extensor tendon near the elbow.

The problem with trying to recover from an elbow strain or tennis elbow injury is that most people resort to popping anti-inflammatory pills as a treatment option.  This is not how you heal or recover from a tendon or muscle injury.  To make matters worse, if you decide to take the ‘wait and see’ approach and simply pop pills, your elbow strain, pain and symptoms will only get worse, until you completely tear the tendon away from the bone – then you’re looking at surgery.

You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash on doctors or physiotherapy to recover from an elbow strain or tennis elbow.  Forget about popping anti-inflammatory pills on a daily basis that really only masks the pain and does nothing to treat the root cause.  You don’t have to wear bulky elbow braces, straps or bands that only promote muscle atrophy and weakness.  Never worry about invasive cortisone shots or the knife wielding elbow surgeon!

To brutally honest, all it really takes to completely recover from a strained elbow injury and tennis elbow are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do from the comfort of your own living room sitting in your comfy chair watching your favorite television show – without any special exercise equipment!

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