fishing elbowInjuries happen everyday.  You don’t need to be performing or participating in sports or activities to suffer an injury.  The majority of injures actually take place in the workplace.  But what about elbow injuries that occur while enjoying your favourite recreational past time?

To be more specific, there is an injury that is being seen more and more in Doctor’s offices or hospitals directly related to sport of fishing.  It has become so widespread and common that there is actually a medical term for it.  It’s called fishing elbow or fisherman’s elbow.

When you think fishing, you picture a quiet lake or stream where you can sit back, relax and let all your worries and stress fade away.  Fishing by no means is considered a contact sport or an activity that is considered to be strenous on the body.

So why are so many fisherman showing up in hospitals suffering from fishing elbow?

The reason is actually quite simple.  It all boils down to mechanics.  What has to physically occur for a fisherman to cast their rod?  First a tight grip is required on the pole.  Secondly, the rod is brought back overhead(fly fishing) or out to your side as you prepare to launch your hook.  And third with a vicious snap of the wrist, you cast your line into the water.  Think about how many times you perform this action over the course of your time on the lake, pond or river?  This is simply a repetitive motion that causes a repetitive strain injury in your elbow.

Although called fishing or fisherman’s elbow, it is exactly the same injury as tennis elbow.  What happens is that the forearm extensors and flexors become overused and strained due to the repetitive nature of casting your line and reeling it in.  At minimum you cast a couple of hundred times on a bad day of fishing but if the fish are biting, you most likely are looking at upwards of a thousand casts throughout your day.  Who would blame you?  I don’t know a fisherman who wants to leave the lake when the fish are on!

Fishing elbow symptoms consist of tenderness and outside elbow pain and swelling.  You may also find it difficult to straighten and extend your injured arm fully.  Some fisherman complain that their arm is extremely stiff and their elbow pain increases when performing even the most basic task of holding a coffee or tea mug.  Performing any sort of gripping or squeezing action, which is required when you hold your fishing rod, often makes your elbow worse.

Now obviously, this is very much a seasonal elbow problem.  As many more fisherman show up in Doctor’s clinics as the ice thaws from lakes, ponds and rivers around the world and fisherman around the world seek to hook a big one!

Fisherman are now wearing elbow braces thinking that this is the solution and a permanent fix to their elbow problems.  This is a dangerous scenario.  Simply because, elbow braces are not a permanent solution and heading back out on the lake fishing while wearing one will only make the tear in your extensor tendon at your elbow larger.

So what is the fastest, safest way to treat your fishing/tennis elbow?

This is probably the best news you will hear all day!  All it takes are 5 simple steps that you can implement at home, without the need for any medical props, gadgets or exercise equipment.  If you want to get back on your favourite lake, pond or river ASAP, click on the button below where a video will show you these easy-to-follow home techniques!

fisherman's elbow

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