forearm pain near your elbow As with any type of pain, finding relief can sometimes seem like a never ending battle.

Of course your family and friends are quick to ‘diagnose’ you but what if you are suffering forearm pain near the elbow?

This type of pain is really more stubborn and nagging than anything simply because you rely on your arm so much.

It’s not until you grasp or pick something up that you are reminded of just how miserable it is to have this type of discomfort.

So how did this come about for you?

What are the causes?

And of course treatment options.

Let me explain…

The root cause of forearm pain can sometimes be a mystery.

Some people receive blunt force trauma to their forearm while others simply wake up one morning and the top part of their arm is painful and extremely stiff and hard to fully extend and straighten.

If you’ve recently taken a blow to your forearm then don’t worry.

There’s a good chance your arm will fully heal in a couple days.

But what if you have absolutely no idea where your forearm pain near your elbow has come from?

If you find that your forearm pain gets significantly worse when you grasp an object such as gripping/picking up a grocery bag, turning a screwdriver, gripping a coffee mug or simply holding a box straight out in front of your body with your arms fully extended …

then I’m sorry to say but there’s a 99% chance that you are suffering from an injury called tennis elbow.

But don’t worry…you’re not alone!

You can also check with my friends website over at, they have some great tips and hints there.

The majority of reported cases of forearm pain near the elbow are nothing more than a tennis elbow injury.

But don’t take this injury lightly!

It is one of the most reported types of repetitive strain injuries.

The longer you wait to treat tennis elbow, the worse it gets and the longer your recovery may take.

Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury that affects millions of people every year.

Over 95% of of sufferers don’t even play tennis.

In laymen terms, tennis elbow is when you experience inflammation and pain on the outside of your forearm near your elbow.

Tennis elbow usually develops over a period of time and rarely comes on suddenly or out of nowhere.

The majority of tennis elbow sufferers receive their injury by performing repetitive tasks on a daily or weekly basis that involves activities with excessive wrist and elbow rotation when required to have a tight grip on an object.

For example, people who perform activities or jobs such as: lifting weights/working out, construction work, carpentry, gardening, racket sports, hairdressers, warehouse workers, cooks, baseball players, volleyball players, golfers, painters, nurses, dentists, musicians, etc…

The problem when trying to overcome tennis elbow is that when sufferers first feel their forearm pain, they take a day off from the activity that caused the pain in the first place or simply pop a couple of anti-inflammatory pills to mask the pain(…which I strongly advise against…).

The next day or the next time they perform that activity again they feel no pain and think they are healed.

This is when things get dangerous and you make your tennis elbow even worse!

When your body receives an injury such as tennis elbow, it’s natural defense mechanism is to lay down adhesive tissue to help protect your torn muscles and tendons.

When you go back to the activity that caused your forearm pain and tennis elbow in the first place, you tear the newly formed tissue and this is when scar tissue develops – which will make your condition worse as scar tissue can be extremely tough to break down!

So what are your treatment options for forearm pain near your elbow and tennis elbow?

Well let’s take a look at won’t work for tennis elbow.  Popping anti-inflammatory pills on a daily basis only masks your pain and give you temporary relief.

When the pills wear off, your forearm pain usually comes back worse than before.

How about applying topical anti-inflammatory creams for tennis elbow.

Read more about how these creams are a waste of time and money!

This is the one that, pardon the pun, “rubs me the wrong way”.

Simply because people have actually died from using these over the counter creams.

Please don’t use these dangerous creams, it’s really not worth the risk.

Spending hundreds of dollars on doctors appointments.

This is a complete waste of time and money, simply because most doctors don’t specialize in treating tennis elbow and take it from me (…I suffered from tennis elbow for over 7 years and shelled out over $789.00 on doctors and the like…) doctors will take away your money and not your tennis elbow pain.

What about bulky elbow braces, elbow bands or elbow straps?

Again, this is waste of money plus they actual promote muscle weakness and fatigue!

Ever wonder why when you take off one of these elbow gimmicks that your arm/elbow feels like a spaghetti noodle?

It’s because all of the muscles supporting your elbow were asleep and not working.

Isn’t the whole idea of recovering from an injury to strengthen the damaged muscles and tendons – not weaken them?

Then there are cortisone injections.

These can provide temporary relief from tennis elbow but are definitely not a long term strategy to permanently cure your tennis elbow and forearm pain as reported here (  In short, the report goes on to say that cortisone shots may actually be harmful, not to mention that they cost $300 per shot!

So what if you are serious about curing your tennis elbow once and for all?

It’s actual much more simple than you think.

All it really takes to treat tennis elbow and completely eliminate your forearm pain near your elbow are 5 simple step-by-step techniques that anyone can do while sitting in their comfy chair watching their favorite television show from the comfort of home without any special exercise equipment or gadgets!

video shows you how


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