chipped-elbow-bone We’ve all at one time or another accidentally bumped or struck our elbow on either a door, door frame, or counter top and immediately felt pain.

Most people refer to this as hitting the “funny bone”.

But what if you’ve actually chipped your elbow bone?  Should you be concerned?

Will it heal and get better?

First we should point out that when you strike or hit your funny bone, you’re actually not hitting your elbow bone at all.

The tingling you feel is actually a result of hitting the ulnar nerve that runs down the inside of your arm near your elbow from your neck to your hand.

When you strike your ulnar nerve it gets pressed or pinched against your humerus bone(upper arm bone) and you get a “funny” feeling in your elbow/arm.

Hence the name “funny bone”!

So what if your elbow pain does not go away?

What if you’ve actually chipped a bone in your elbow?

Perhaps your elbow is still swollen and inflamed a few hours or days after you initially struck your elbow.

If you’ve actually taken a chip out of your elbow, it’s not much different than actually fracturing your elbow.

Chipping a bone is different in the sense that the angle you’ve struck your arm bone causes a chip to break away from the bigger bone.

When a fracture occurs to the main bone it’s usually do to a straight, blunt impact or force stronger than the bone itself that results in what’s commonly known as a hairline fracture.

If your elbow bone has been chipped, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • elbow pain at the chipped location
  • inability to use your arm properly without discomfort
  • inflammation and swelling around your elbow
  • possible bruising and bleeding under the skin
  • some people report hand or arm numbness

It’s not uncommon to actually feel the “chipped” piece of bone under your skin.

It may even protrude a little and be extremely tender to the touch.

If you can actually feel the bone floating around under the skin, I recommend you take a trip to your nearest hospital and be seen by a doctor.

Chances are you will first have an x-ray to find the exact location of your chipped elbow.

Depending on the size of the chip and location, you may require surgery to remove the chip from your elbow.

It may take several weeks for your bone to recover and chip to “grow back”.

The doctor may recommend that your arm be put into a cast to minimize movement and accelerate the recovery time.

As for treatment for a chipped elbow bone, after the bone has healed and cast has been removed, you will most likely need specific elbow strengthening exercises to help speed up your recovery so you can get back to all your favorite activities and hobbies.

The most effective type of exercise routine to follow to help recover from a chipped elbow bone are exercises you can do at home.

All it really takes are 5 simple tennis elbow techniques  that you can perform and follow from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

And the best part is that you can sit in your comfy chair and do them while watching your favorite television show.

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