Here’s a little fact for you…Did you know that tennis elbow usually affects people who are in the age group of 35-65 years?

Many people have no clue how they got it but do you know how to tell if you are suffering from tennis elbow and what the the common signs and symptoms are of this repetitive strain injury?

Tennis Elbow is usually associated with a pain on the outside of the elbow and is usually tender to the touch.

Tennis elbow as the name might suggest,does not affect only tennis players in fact, 95% of all reported cases in the United States alone are not reported by tennis players.

A better understanding of the various groups of people more susceptible to tennis elbow actually aids faster diagnosis, and there is a high probability that such people might not know they are part of the high risk category.

It is not uncommon for tennis elbow sufferers to simply ignore the pain or pass it off as just a part of getting old…until it becomes a chronic problem.

Based on the occupation/sports that a person is engaged in there are two major groups of people that are susceptible to tennis elbow:

* People engaged in Manual Labor

There is a strong co-relation between the type of activity a person engages in and tennis elbow, since manual labor  involves lifting of heavy weights, or puts more than normal stress on the wrists, arm and elbow, people such as carpenters, plumbers, musicians, hairdressers, factory workers, nurses, baseball players, racket sport players are usually a high risk category for tennis elbow.

In addition tasks that involve long durations of wrist and elbow movement or having a tight grip on an object such as(innocently enough) a paint brush can lead to tennis elbow. Apart from manual laborers, there are also weight lifters that are a part of this high risk category, especially professional weight lifters that have been lifting weights since a very young age, make themselves susceptible to tennis elbow.

* Athletes

It’s called tennis elbow because, tennis players were one of the first group of people who reported the problem, this does not mean that only tennis players are afflicted by tennis elbow, however people who are engaged in racket sports like badminton are also equally susceptible to tennis elbow.

Athletes like golfers and those competing in more weight oriented sports like the shot put and the discuss throw have also been known to be affected by tennis elbow.

Essentially athletes are susceptible to wear and tear of the forearm, and elbow – especially those that require extensive wrist movement are more susceptible to tennis elbow.

Since certain activities are more likely to affect a particular part of the elbow or arm, the symptoms experienced by people suffering from tennis elbow also vary, where as pain on the outside of the elbow is a common symptom other than that, the symptoms can vary from shooting pain in the forearm, to pain while lifting weights or pain during simple activities like using a wrench or screwdriver.

Those are the best ways on how to tell if you have a tennis elbow injury but…

Depending on the particular tendon group that is damaged and other deciding factors, differential diagnosis of tennis elbow is divided into categories like:

– anconeus compartment syndrome

– bursitis

– cervical radiculopathy

– radio-humeral joint dysfunction

– lateral epicondyle avulsion

– musculocutaneus nerve entrapment

– non-union of radial neck fracture

– osteoarthritis

– posterior interosseous syndrome

– posterolateral rotatory instability

– radial nerve tension

– radial tunnel syndrome

– rheumatoid arthritis

– strained lateral collateral ligaments

– snapping plicae syndrome

Whew…that was a long list!

The most important thing to remember is that tennis elbow is curable and when diagnosed on time, the time taken to recover is less.

…if you are serious about curing your tennis elbow and want to learn a step-by-step, instructional approach (with Videos & DVD Tutorials) from the comfort of your own home


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45 Responses to How to Tell if You Have Tennis Elbow

  1. Becca says:

    I found your site because I am trying to figure out how I got tennis elbow in my left even though I don’t do anything repetitive, am right-handed, and haven’t had a all-day-long data-entry job in 15 years. Suddenly, a week ago, I began experiencing pain in my elbow and forearm. When I lift things with my finger tips, like my purse strap or a beverage glass, I am painless. But, when I try to lift those same items with my whole hand, I experience pain in my forearm. I don’t know how it started. I hope it heals on its own. I really don’t want to have to go to the doctor for this.

  2. Jose Gonzalez says:

    Thank you Geoff for given me the hammer exercise for FREE, it has help me well, .the pain has gone away, its incredible I cant believe, just a few exercises daily…..problem result. I work as a fleet service clerk for a Airline lines Co, we Carrie a proximal of 400 suitcases in a day weighing from 50 to 70 lbs each and just about 90% of all the employees are suffering from tennis elbow. You should try and sell your secrets to this company, they will save lots of money with sick call, medical treatments and workman’s compensations……. I hope I made my point across, this is for real………..Thank you

  3. devianee says:

    I have been suffering from tennis elbow almost 1 year. Taken anti-inflamottory medecines, done physiotherapie and at cortisone injection. after 4 month the pain came back and now the pain is unbearable. I dont know wat to do. Tried the hammer exercise but its giving me more pain. i really dont know wat to do. its difficult for me. please help me.


  4. tenniselbowtips says:

    Hi Connie,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The hammer exercise is quite effective in helping to build up the strength in your forearm. It is normal to experience some pain in your forearm/elbow for a few days after starting the exercise. This is normal. It is no different than if you started running/jogging – you would expect your legs and calf muscles to be sore for a few days.

    I recommend you keep doing the exercise but make sure you are gripping the hammer as close to the top as you can. This will decrease the amount of resistance and make the exercise easier for you.

    Best Regards,

  5. Connie Griffin says:

    Hi: Have dealt with Tennis Elbow for years in Right Arm. Finally went away when I stopped using it for anything basically, after braces, acupuncture ect. didn’t work. So then right arm is fine, and now have it in my left arm after a vigorous day of gardening. Have tried your hammer exercises and end up with major pain to the point that requires pain relievers. Could I be doing something wrong, or should I just wait a bit longer before trying them again? I am trying very hard to remember to now use my right arm for heavy lifting. Thanks, C.

  6. Peter Kumano says:

    I am a tennis player and am a competitive tournament participant.
    In Japan, for tennis there are age group championships starting from 50,55, 60, 65, 70 and 80 years of age. So many players, especially retired people are all in this
    competitive tennis tournaments where the turnout is absolutely amazing.
    You have to win at least five three-set matches to win a tournament so you are able to appreciate how many are participating in one tournament in one category.
    Right now my elbow is hurting more on the underside of my arm, close to the joint.
    I am doing the hammer exercise at the moment and it seems to be working but I presume that I have to be at it for a month or so.
    Any new tips are always welcome!

  7. Nero Shahin says:

    Thank you for the details on the web regarding tennisElbow. I have sent an e.mail to my son in CA, USA for payment. Soon you will hear from him.

  8. tenniselbowtips says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your post.

    Yes we ship worldwide.

    All my best

  9. James corp says:

    Hi Geoff,
    I am in Wales in the Uk.
    I am very interested in your information on curing Tennis elbow, I am probably
    a typical case in that the pain appeared out of the blue in my right arm. As I am
    a keen wightlifter, this has caused me so much trouble I can not train anywhere
    near as much as i used to.
    I have tried all the usual stuff, apart from the injections as I saw your website first.
    If I order the information will it be shipped to the UK.

    James Corp

  10. nicole says:

    I had surgery to correct tennis and golfers elbow just about 5 months ago now. and the pain still has not been relieved. it feels like i hit my funny bone pretty much all day every day, usually around a 7 on a scare of 1-10 constantly. some times my elbow will stick like it needs to be popped back into place and that hurts even more. it hurts to lift a cup of coffee! I went into the ortho and he basically squeezed my elbow and told me i had tennis and golfers elbow and said surgery will fix it, on the 1st visit! I still cant straighten my arm out completely. also when i use a computer mouse my pinky and ring finger go numb.. i have been to physical therapy after the surgery and they basically told me not to come back cause I’m not making any progress, and gave me exercises to do at home, which obviously are not any help and just create more intense pain. I have no idea what to do now, I’m pretty sure the surgery screwed my arm up even more than it was before. ice does not help, ibuprofen and Tylenol don’t even touch the pain and all I’m ever told is to take some Advil and go home

  11. Opal Willenbrink says:

    I just wished to actually make a nice swift comment and also let you know that I’ve been reading your blogging site for quite some time. Keep up the very grand work and I’ll be checking back once more soon.

  12. maurice says:

    hi , I’m left handed .. and I have tennis elbow and golfers elbow , rotator cuf sprain and carpul tunnel ,all in my left arm , I’m lookin forward to your cure so I can get back to work , truck driving and being able to lift heavy loads in my arms and not drop everything and lossing my job again and again , I’ve been doing your exercises and I’m hopeful that it will cure the last 15 years of pain and disapointment as I’m sick of going to doctors and only getting heap of pills that dont do a thing but make me sick

    take care

  13. I have suffered with tennis elbow for 7 months. I didn’t know what I had until I went to the Dr. I work with a communications co, so I use hand tools and carry equipment. Will your exercises help heal my tennis elbow even though I’m still working? Do I have to stop all work while I am healing? Thanks

  14. amado Sanchez says:

    I have suffered with tennis elbow of my right arm since March 2011. I recieved 2 cortisone shots and went through therapy sessions with that Dr. The tendon on my right arm is now smaller that the tendon on the left. Is that what you mean by permanent tendon damage? Is there anything I can do to strenghten and rebuild that tendon. Thanks

  15. mari ana villadolid says:

    I had this anoying pain on my left elbow..i been working at the meat work for 4yrs as a slicers…and i had this pain for 4weeks now recently i went to have my they say i had tendonitis..recently i had a ultrasoundguided steroid cost me $500 the pain was gone after the injection but …OMG the injection was really painful but the next day its hurting again..before the injection i was taking a lot of pain relve nther of each pills not working for me…thanks to for giving me a little hint how to do some simple exersised…and iam following it and its better i hope i found you before i had my injection it could help me that days of my stressing pain and i had been telling my work mates about your none dugs healing…thank you.

  16. TOAN says:

    I have been getting pain in my inner elbow for playing table tennis for 8 months. Now I can play table tennis 2 hours per day, 6 day per week. But I worry my table tennis improve slowly.

    Thank you for giving me the video to treat it. My English is not good enough to express my mind.


  17. caldy says:

    Your article fills me with delight viz: I am eleven years older than the max average age for getting it and only just got tennis elbow. Have tried steroids via the doctor – it helped a little now trying the hammer game.

  18. VIM SHARMA says:

    I have been getting pain in my inner elbow specially when I close my elbow.that is bringing it in towards my shoulder as if to show off my muscles.
    A FEW days ago you showed me the hammer exercise.
    I have been applying your tactics and surprise!surprise! I feel as if i am getting some relief.
    I will continue doing that exercise as you had indicated.

    Will keep you posted of my progress.

  19. kayo says:

    I got the tennies elbow due to excercis with heavy weight dumbles and it went on increasing as i continued my exercise with lighter weights until i read on this site about the ptecautions to be taken and i stopped my weight excercises.also as suggested i applied ice paand i find the pain is getting lighter.i advice all to curtail their particular daily activity which causes pain ie lifting weights for labourers or hammers or dumbles or take rest from sports and so on and keep applying ice packs it suerly works

  20. Seini says:

    Hello. I have had this pain on my right shoulder which I think has something to do with the pain in my right elbow, i.e the bone on the inside. This has been going on for the last six months or so. Now I sometimes find it diffiult to lift my arm past shoulder level, feeling some numbness in my right hand. The pain sometimes extends to my right back. I suspect that part of the problem arose from carrying my laptop bag (usually on the right shoulder), worsened by using the joytick for a mouse. I have only just started physio to try to address this pain. Hoping you can tell me if this is tennis elbow, or if I need any other diagnosis e.g. X-ray, before proceeding with any other treatment regime.

  21. Pete Demers says:

    Thanks Geoff !

    Thanks for your efforts on sharing your experience with tennis elbow and your
    time and experience and work on making the world aware of this “ailment”.
    You suffered with this and found a way out of its pain and frustrations that as
    we know, stay with us each and every day.
    I will explain my experience with it now….

    I am now 52 years of age and I know how I got it! Answer later on in my letter….

    When I was too young to remember, I was what can only be called a “natural
    exerciser”. My parents never had to coax me to to take care of myself. I loved all
    kinds of sports and before I went to bed each and every night of my life, exercised
    with push ups, squats, giant and small arm rotations, sit ups and learned to walk
    on my hands at the age of 10 and did so up until I was in my mid 30’s. You would
    have to excuse my spelling but that was all called “calestenics”. Likely got that
    spelling wrong. Then when older moved on to weight training on a small scale.
    Never to bulk up but just to stay in great shape and keep fit. I had no spotter nor
    trainer, my only enforcer to keep on was my own mind, and that was all I needed
    because I loved to exercise.
    Then. Life happened and I fell off of personal exercise, while starting and raising
    a family. With only half hearted attempts over the decades that followed.

    Now, tennis elbow. I know how it happened. I purchased a trash can for the kitchen that has a plastic insert (this sounds crazy but its true) and within the last
    year upon getting the bag out of the can, there was a super repetitive movement
    of my right arm upon the removal of it because there was resistance by pulling
    on it tightly and firmly thereby putting a great strain on my arm. Over and over
    Then, after many months of this, my elbow pain started and has not left for over
    a month and a half now. In younger years, this timespan would be nowhere near
    this time but getting older is not what its cracked up to be. (insert smile here)….

    So, I am going to start your hammer exercise tonite and will report back in due
    time with my results.

    I want to thank you for your hard work and diffusion of knowledge on this stubborn
    muscle condition! I greatly appreciate it!


  22. Haresh says:

    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for leading me here to share and gain more knowledge on the subject.
    In fact I have problem of gout for last 20 years. My left elbow had a great attack of gout ten years ago. It went away after a couple of weeks but the tofee of uric acid gathered in the elbow still remains. No pain thereafter but physically it exists and slowly dissolving it self.
    Recently the right elbow is caught with gouty pain. It is 4th day today and pain/swelling is reducing day by day. Taking dolonex, considered to be a pain killer.
    I am a badminton player and have to be away from game when this gout appears.
    Thanks for that trial video excercise. In severe pain it could not be tried but now able to.
    Thinking my reason for tennis elbow pain is differing from others.


  23. jan says:

    hi i have been to the doctors and he said i have tennis elbow and no relief for about 6 weeks just giving me 2 20 second exercise a day the only trouble is it is to painful to press the elbow is their anything you can suggest i would be very gratefull kind regards jan

  24. tenniselbowtips says:

    Hi Nina,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You don’t have to be completely pain free before starting the Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed program unless on a pain scale of 1-10, you are anything above a 6. If you have normal function of your arm and the pain is just a dull pain, then you can get started right away. As for using tennis elbow bands or straps, no you don’t use them at all as part of the program. As a matter of fact, all tennis elbow bands and straps do is promote muscle fatigue and weakness. I’m not a big supporter of these gimmicks.

    Best Regards,

  25. NIna says:

    I was wondering, exactly how soon can you start using the techniques shown on your video. Do you have to wait until your completely pain free, or do you do the exercises anyways? Also are the exercises something you do without having the tennis elbow band on? I’m interested in the program, just wondered how soon I could incorporate it if I ordered it.


  26. tenniselbowtips says:

    Hi Shiv,

    Thank you for your post. When you place your order, you will get immediate access to the program plus bonuses and online videos. If you want the DVD shipped directly to you there in India, it usually takes 5 business days.

    Best Regards,

  27. shiv says:

    hi Geoff,
    i live in india
    in how many days i will get tennis elbow secret revealed
    the product is send to me through email or another way?


  28. Steve C. says:

    Hi my name is Steve C. and My elbow doesn’t bother me at work doing manual labor , it more so hurts from throwing too many darts. I threw darts for like 8 hours in 2 days 4 hours a day when i got my new 25gram darts.

    I think I just overworked it, and so now I’m not able to throw darts without elbow pain or play badminton, dumby oh well live and learn, I’m still young so I’ll recover.

    But my new goal now is too keep doing what I’m doing with the hammer to strengthen and recover those muscles and not play darts or badminton in like a month to see if I have any symptoms. Any 1 have any other Ideas or comments feel free to comment. I’m looking for advice, Thx and godbless you all.

  29. S Shanmugarajah says:

    I am 62 years old an outstanding sportsman and engaged in weight training for the last 48 years. I was the sri Lankan Hockey and District Soccer player. One month back I trained my college how to play back stroke for about 20 minutes. But next day I was suffering with tennis elbow. I got ultra sound and heat treatment but the pain in my elbow is not reduced. With this pain I play batminton and engaged in weight training (light weight) three days a week. If I do not engage in sports i get constipation.

    Please help me how to get rid of this pain. This is the firtst time in my 50 years sports activities I suffer with tennis elbow after having playing back stroke with my friend one month back. I can able to do my weight training (1 hour) with out any difficulties. Please advice

    S Shanmugarajah

  30. Rupesh says:

    I’m Rupesh Shah (42) from India. I have been suffering from Tennis Elbow for last three months. Prior to that I used to play Table Tennis (Ping Pong) on almost daily basis for last about 10 years. I consulted the Orthopaedic surgeon a few days back , who advised me for compression (elbow cap) and suggested to apply some gel on the affected area as well as to take some pain killers. Do you think this will cure my problem? I am finding your mails very interesting. My pain is not severe, however, it gets severe if I play. So, I have stopped playing.
    Will I be able to play again? When?

  31. Archa says:


    I’m a home-maker and I’m surprised that this category of persons does not figure in the list of people who you say are prone to tennis elbow.
    After reading “How to tell…”, I do believe that what I’m suffering from is indeed tennis elbow! I’m right-handed but the pain is in my left elbow, which is why I had doubts about this NOT being tennis elbow. But considering that a home maker’s tasks include a wide range of activities that include carrying, lifting, moving , pushing,in a nut-shell, constantly using the arms, well, I’m not surprised! I guess the first solution to my problem is that I got to stop being a cleanliness freak?!
    While the pain I feel is still not as bad as that described by some of the others, I do have difficulty sometimes just trying to pick up something with my fingers! The hammer exercise is ingenious. Thank you for being a kind samaritan and sharing your remedies to this problem with others.
    Look forward to more tips!
    Best wishes!

  32. Urvashi V. Sapru says:

    I v been suffering from tennis elbow for last 1 mth, and thanks to ur website that i came to know a great deal about this. Being a pharmacist i restrain from allopathy medicines such as pain killers since i know that it cures one problem and due to side effect something else crops up. I have been doing the exercises that u have recommended hammer one and cold ice- its worked like magic, there was pain while doing the exercise and i wanted to stop but somehow i completed and also repeated it, by evening most of the pain was elliviated.Thank you so much for your kind advice and God bless. Looking forward to your other instructions

  33. Lisa says:

    I have had tennis elbow on and off for 2 years. I have been to physio and had 4 shots of cortisone. The shots only work for a couple of months and then the pain is back again, sometimes worse. My doctor is sending me for an MRI in Nov. I don’t really know how that is going to help. We know I have tennis elbow! I have also been taking an anti inflammatory called naproxin for over a year now. It dulls the pain a little. Once I tried to see how long I could go without taking the pills, I lasted 4 days. The pain was so bad. My sleep is always disrupted with pain, but during those 4 nights it was really bad. I could not even lift my arm, squeeze a cloth. pick anything up, write, hold my dog’s leash, peel a potatoe, and so much more. I hate having this pain! Right now I am trying ice and the hammer exercise. We shall see.

  34. tenniselbowtips says:

    Great comments and questions Crystal!

    I’m not surprised by your comments, especially when you mention about your cortisone injection that “the first doctor i went to did it wrong”, this happens more than you think and is actually quite dangerous. Cortisone shots can be extremely dangerous and can cause permanent tendon damage and promote muscle weakness/fatigue. And now you mention that “your pain is twice as bad as before”. Sorry to repeat myself but I hear this quite often. I advise against cortisone shots altogether!

    As for to whether use ice or heat for tennis elbow. Hands down, always go for ice. Ice helps control and swelling and inflammation you may have, especially after exercise. You should ice your arm for at least 10 mins right after exercise and remember to keep your arm above heart level when you are icing. Simply prop your arm up on a pillow to help elevate it.

    Hope this helps,

  35. Crystal says:

    I too suffer from tennis elbow. Im using some of your advise as well as others. I hope it works. It started back in feb. and I recieved a shot a few weeks after that. the first doctor i went to did it wrong. I waited the 8-9 weeks and went back April 8th and recieved the 2nd shot right on the elbow. pain was gone for 2 months and now I have it back twice as bad. I do however believe I was going to heavy on weight training.. lesson learned, move up in weights very slowly tendons have to get use to the weight as well as the muscles.
    I am confused with all the info out there. some say ice some say heat. What should all of the tennis elbow sufferers do with the ice and heat. when do we use them ?? thanks for listening and would love to here your input

  36. jane aherne says:

    i v tennis elbow and i am in terrible pain. my shoulder elbow and hands i cant do anything and it hurts

  37. jennifer says:

    You should add being a mommy to that list! I suffered from serious tennis elbow
    in both arms as a piano major in college 15 years ago. Now I’m a mommy of three,
    and two years ago, my tennis elbow flared up in my left arm after sleeping on it the
    wrong way while laying down with my 18month old. Now I have a 6 month old and
    this is the worst tennis elbow I’ve ever had…and in my right arm. Overusing by holding a baby all the time and trying to multi-task while holding her…not to mention
    the worst culprit being that dreadful car carrier! SO HEAVY! I’m paying the price now,
    and can’t use meds because I’m still breastfeeding. I started the hammer exercise and they are helping…but some mornings after sleeping in the wrong position, it just
    hurts really bad…shooting through my forearm and pain in my fingers and hand.

  38. admin says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Hello Korea!

    Simply go to the website , click on the blue Add to Cart button, and fill in all your information and details at the bottom of the next page and checkout. It’s as simple as that.

    Your DVD will be shipped directly to your doorstep and should arrive to you there in Korea within 5-7 business days.

    Best Regards,

  39. ryan jung says:

    how can i order your DVD?i live in inheon korea.

  40. I ve been sufering from tennis elbow in both hands. First it started in right arm n then after six months in left arm . I ve been given injections for the same two times. And to the worst part calcium was deposited in the right arm which was operated recently. But my both hands have same pain when I go to sleep n e time and feel heaviness plus pain in both the elbows that it is unbearable for me . Please suggest some remedy to me. And I even have pain in lower part of my neck or u can say left shoulder. waiting for your reply

  41. Dan Davis says:

    I first developed tendonitis in my left elbow in 2007. after afew months of advised exercises it was gone. Two months ago I developed it in my right elbow. The correlation is the perfect push-up stands I bought 3 years ago. Once again I broke these things out of the closet after a few years of dormancy. This is a terrible work-out device that comes with no warning. Beware this causes alot of stress on the elbow area. I am considering legal action for the lack of a warning!

  42. Aftab Ahmad Khan says:

    My left arm elbow is totaly disturb (unbalance) from last 15 years. Still my age 25 i nothing do any work on my left arm. pls give me sugestion for treatment. Thanks

  43. Chander Shekhar Sood says:

    For the last One year i am suffering from Tennis Elbow with great pain .I have already taking Ultrasound therapy but of no use.If you can advice me any remeady for the same i shall be obliged.

  44. Diane says:

    I’ve had tennis elbow of the right arm since November and very recently I think I’ve started getting pains in my left arm. I am not sure whether I have just strained it struggling to open a jar or whether the additional wear on my left arm has affected it.
    I’m virtually unable to use my righht arm without pain and numbness.

    I’ve not been able to take stronger painkillers or anti-inflams for a month as I have started suffering from a numb face which my doctor was concerned was an allergic reaction to medicine. But I’ve been without painkillers other than paracetomol for a month nearly and my face is still numb.

    I have a physio appointment on Wednesday thank goodness, but no hospital referral for my face problem for another few weeks.

  45. andrew says:

    I have rode bmx and motocross bikes my whole life. Now for the past few years only about monthly. The past few weeks have been experiencing horible pain in my elbow when lifting about 3-5 pounds. When I grab my work binder and pinch it with my hand and lift it out of my briefcase woah!! Hurts bad. This has gotten better over the last few weeks but once back on my bike it hurts really really bad for a few days. Question is, I understand there may be many causes for this pain, should I have the exact cause diagnosed by a doc before I start trying to heal it with “tennis elbow” cures like the examples u give on the website? I have used the hammer exercise for two days and things are feeling better but I want to be sure its ok to get back on the bmx or moto bike. Suggestions? I would buy your prigram but very poor. Thanks Andrew

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