inside-elbow-pains There can be many different causes of pain on the inside of your elbow but it can also be sore and tender to the touch.

Elbow pain that is located on the inside of the elbow is most commonly known as golfers elbow.

The medical term for golfers elbow is medial epicondylitis.

Golfers elbow can be caused by any type of sport or activity that involves repeated bending of the wrist and fingers.

If we look at when a golf player makes a swing at the ball, the forearm flexors and tendons in the arm engage and fully restrict and tighten just before the club face makes contact with the ball.

Due to the repetitive nature of this action, and stress on the forearm muscles, over time, small micro tears occur combined with soft tissue inflammation.

The problem with all repetitive stress injuries such as golfers elbow is that sufferers tend to re-injure themselves over and over again.

When a small tear occurs, you feel some pain and discomfort so you may take some time off.

Just when your injury is starting to heal(ie: the small micro-tear is healing…) you go back to the action or sport that caused the injury in the first place.

Guess what – you tear it in the same place again except this time the tear becomes larger.

This cycle of tearing, healing and tearing again creates scar tissue.

The scar tissue then creates problems because your tendons, muscles, ligaments and adjacent structures cannot move the in the normal way that they should.

Due to this lack of smooth movements, the scar tissue creates friction between tissues and this is where the inflammation occurs along with a larger build up of scar tissue.

Another type of elbow pain that is much more sore to the touch than golfers elbow is bursitis of the elbow.

A bursa is a fluid filled sac that is located near many of our joints including the elbow joint.

The bursa sac of the elbow can become inflamed or swollen from repeated pressure or trauma to the elbow such as falling on the elbow.

Your elbow may become red, swollen and tender to the touch.

If this is the case, then you should see your doctor as you may need antibiotics to help get rid of your bursitis.

Now if you are suffering from golfers elbow, pain on the inside of your elbow, the good news is that it’s 100% treatable.

Here’s the real kicker:

But what’s even better news is that you don’t have to give up golf or the sport or activity that caused your injury in the first place in order to fully recover and eliminate your elbow pain for good.

Treatment for golfers elbow is exactly the same as tennis elbow.

All it really takes is 5 simple steps from the comfort and convenience of your own home to completely cure your elbow pain for good.


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