outer-elbow-pain If you are one of the millions of people every year who suffers from elbow pain, then this article is just what the doctor ordered!  To be more specific, if you are suffering from outer elbow pain, there is a good chance that it’s not just “ordinary” elbow pain.

Elbow pain that is localized on the outside of your elbow is often associated with the most common type of elbow injury – tennis elbow.

So what exactly is tennis elbow?

The tell tale sign of tennis elbow is pain, swelling and burning sensation on the outside of your elbow.   Your pain can increase when you grip something, extend or flex your wrist, as a result you would feel slight or considerable pain in your upper forearm and elbow region.  The pain can sometimes radiate from your elbow, down your forearm and into your wrist or fingers.

Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury brought about by the overuse of the flexor tendon that attaches at the lateral epicondyle of your elbow.   Despite the name “tennis elbow”, over 95% of reported cases each and every year come from non-tennis players.

It can affect any one at any age.   There are specific groups of people, activities, sports, jobs and hobbies that are considered high risk, such as:  construction workers, clerks, factory workers, hairdressers, manual laborers, plumbers, painters, dentists, nurses, postal workers, chefs, musicians, computer programmers, tennis players, golfers, baseball players, volleyball players, or just about anyone who’s job requires them to keep a tight grip on an object for an extended period of time to achieve a task or result.

So what is the fastest and best way to stop the pain on the outside of your elbow?  Are there elbow pain home remedies that you can try?  What are the most effective treatments for tennis elbow?

First and foremost, it is important to know that for anyone who suffers from tennis elbow, money is not and should not be wasted when it comes to treating this condition. Expensive does not necessarily equate to effective.  You do not even have to join a fitness club to use bulky exercise equipment to try and “rehab” your injury.

Next you need to rest your injured arm.  This can be a challenge for those who earn a living by making use of their arms and hands but it is something you must do, even in the short term.  Simply avoid doing the usual things you do that require movement in your arms and hands, at least, until the pain decreases.

Second, avoid activities that triggered your tennis elbow injury.  Whether it is playing sports, carrying heavy tools and equipment, or the mere overuse and neglect of your arm muscles—you need to avoid them to prevent the problem from getting worse.

To be brutally honest, you don’t need to shell hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash on expensive doctors or physio appointments.  Forget wearing bulky elbow braces, strap or bands – they only promote muscle weakness and fatigue.  Flush the anti-inflammatories down the toilet, they only provide temporary relief and do nothing to treat the root cause of your pain.

To be straight up front with you, all it really takes to completely cure your outer elbow pain and tennis elbow are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do from the comfort of your own living room while sitting in your comfy chair, watching your favorite television show – without any special exercise equipment or gadgets!

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