signs of tennis elbowHow do you tell whether you have an injury or have simply worked or overused a specific body part much harder than normal?

If you are like most people, your search starts on the internet.  You look for signs and symptoms of a specific injury or pain.  It’s no different when you start to feel a little elbow discomfort or stiffness.

There are detailed signs of tennis elbow that you should look out for if you think it is tennis elbow that you have.  And believe it or not, you don’t need a doctor to tell you, or visit a physical therapist to have your injury confirmed.

One commonly reported sign of tennis elbow is when individuals experience pain on the outside part of their elbow, which sporadically spreads into the forearm. Often, the pain radiates down the forearm arm and into the wrist and fingers.

If you have tennis elbow, your pain is mostly felt while performing actions of the wrist, especially wrist extension. You may find it discomforting to lift a beer mug, mug of coffee or tea, push a door open or put weight on their hand.

If your grip has been getting worse or is not as strong as before, then again, this a sign that you may have tennis elbow. Something else that you may notice, not every morning but in-frequently is that your injured arm may feel stiff and hard to straighten when you get out of bed.

Swelling and inflammation in your elbow, especially over the first couple weeks is also an often expressed signal and symptom of a bad case of tennis elbow.

It’s important that you know that only your GP can give you a medical diagnosis but the hard truth is that most doctors don’t specialize in treating tennis elbow.  Nine times out of ten, your doctor will recommend you buy an elbow brace to help support your injured elbow and for you to take ibuprofen every couple of hours.

What’s not told to most sufferers is that this is only a temporary solution and is not a permanent tennis elbow fix.  It’s not that your doctor doesn’t want you to heal, rather because they don’t specialize in treating it, a brace and medications is the best they can do to give you some peace of mind.

Millions of people suffer from tennis elbow each year.  Thousands recover without ever setting foot inside a doctor’s office or hospital.  How do they do it?

Not by wearing an elbow brace 8 hours day!  Not by taking anti-inflammatory pills every 3 – 4 hours!  Not by wasting their hard earned cash on countless visits and sessions with physical therapists!  And definitely not by under going painful tennis elbow surgery, which has a low success rate!

What if I told you that you can treat tennis elbow without getting up from the seat you are sitting on right now, would you be shocked?   Well, it’s true!  How do I know?  Because I battled and fought tooth and nail for 7 years and spent over $700 trying to heal and recover from my tennis elbow injury!

And I don’t want you to waste the time or money I did on trying to beat it.  All you need to know are 5 simple steps!

When you click on the button below, a video will reveal these easy-to-follow techniques to you, so you can stop your elbow pain right now at home.

tennis elbow signs

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