The application of self myofascial release techniques for soft tissue injures has been around and in use for decades.  The use of SMR techniques involves applying pressure to the tissues that have been injured and affected.

When it comes to tennis elbow, self myofascial techniques can be implemented to help speed up your healing and recovery time.  So who exactly can you perform this technique on yourself without having to spend hundreds of dollars to have it done at your Physiotherapist?

All you that is required for you to get started is that you have a foam roller, a round stick or rolling pin.  This is a great trick to use in addition to home exercises for tennis elbow treatment and other natural remedies.

For those who have access to a foam roller, here is what you do.  Lay your affected forearm on the foam roller and start applying pressure.  Now roll your forearm forward until you reach your affected elbow.  This will be extremely painful and discomforting.  As you continue to roll your forearm back and forth over the foam roller, you should feel the pain in your elbow decrease.

If you are handy to a stick that is perfectly round, then you should use it instead of the foam roller.  If you don’t have a stick but have access to a rolling pin, this will work as well.  The stick and rolling pin will allow you to really focus on your outer forearm and elbow region.

To get more pressure onto your affected tendons and muscles, I suggest you have someone hold the opposite end of the stick or rolling pin.  Again roll the stick and pin up and down the outside of your forearm until the discomfort starts to fade.  Doing so will help break down any adhesions or scar tissue you have in your elbow.

Again the goal of self myofascial release technique for tennis elbow is to help increase blood flow and break down any tissue obstructions that is preventing your injury from healing naturally.

But I must warn you that this technique alone will not help eliminate your tennis elbow for good.  It is just a supplemental technique that promotes happy and healthy healing.

The only way to cure tennis elbow, is by using an easy 5 step formula that you can do from the comfort of home without the need for any special exercise equipment.

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