For those who thought that treating tennis elbow at home was just a myth, there’s now medical evidence from a University study that backs the effectiveness of tennis elbow home treatment.  Not only is treating tennis elbow at home much more effective but it has less side effects than actually going down the painful route of getting cortisone shots/injections or consuming anti-inflammatories or NSAID’s on a daily basis.

Physiotherapist Pia Nilsson, the studies author, said “It became clear that treatment with medication has side effects in many cases.  Most side effects were reported from just those treatments that are often the treatment of choice for tennis elbow by GPs [general practitioners], which are cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory drugs.” (Source: Nilsson P, Thom E, Baigi A, et al. A prospective pilot study of a multidisciplinary home training programme for lateral epicondylitis. Musculoskeletal Care. 2007 Mar;5(1):36-50)

The study consisted of 2 parts.  The first looked at 78 tennis elbow sufferers over a 4 month period and the second part of the study was conducted on 297 sufferers two years later.  The goal of the study was to measure the effectiveness of home treatment methods for tennis elbow against traditional perspectives for tennis elbow treatment that is given by GP doctors.

The group of 78 were divided into a group of 51 and 27 respectively.  The group of 51 would use the best home remedies for tennis elbow and treatment techniques and the 27 would receive cortisone injections, perform stretching or have no intervention at all.  The tracking and measurements of results were gauged via a questionnaire with regards to levels of pain, testing hand grip strength and collecting sick leave absence information via regional social insurance offices.

In just 4 weeks of starting the study, the tennis elbow home treatment group experienced fewer sick days, a decrease in arm/elbow pain, improved arm mobility and were much sooner back on the job as compared to the controlled group using cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory pills.

The study went on to report that after 16 weeks the tennis elbow home remedy group had a significant improvement in arm flexibility, mobility and use.  It was also noted that the home treatment group also experienced a further decrease in pain compared to that with the controlled group.

In short, the conclusion of Nilsson’s study was that a specific tennis elbow home treatment program can reduce a tennis elbow sufferer’s pain, increase function/mobility of the elbow and hand, and reduce the number of sick days from work.

So there’s the proof that a home treatment system for tennis elbow is much more effective, not to mention significantly cheaper, than going to a doctor, getting painful cortisone injections or simply masking your tennis elbow pain with anti-inflammatory drugs day after day.

If you are completely fed up with your nagging and stubborn tennis elbow pain, here’s your chance to eliminate it once and for all using a proven, step-by-step tennis elbow system that anyone can implement from the comfort and convenience of their own living room while watching their favorite TV show – without any special exercise equipment!

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