Doing push ups is a cheap way to get in an upper body workout that targets several of the major muscle groups.

We all desire a well toned and shaped upper body that requires the least amount of effort.

Pushups help build pecs, triceps, biceps, shoulders and back but when you use these push up stands/bars, you are putting yourself at high risk of developing tennis elbow.

Here’s why….

Where problems can sometimes arise is when you perform a pushup on the floor, if you don’t keep good form, you can strain your wrists.

This is the main reason why these stands/bars were developed.

Several companies have come out with push up bars and pushup stands which make the push-up exercise much easier on the users body but at the expense of increasing your risk of developing tennis elbow pain.

The worst part is:

That if you already suffer from tennis elbow, if you continue to use or start using these push up stands, you can kiss any chance of recovering from tennis elbow good-bye…

Tight Grips on Push Up Stands Translates Into Higher Risk of Developing Tennis Elbow

These push up stands are developed where you have to keep a tight grip on the bar to balance yourself and perform a push up.

Anytime you’re required to keep a tight grip on any type of object whether it be a push up bar, screwdriver, tennis raquet, paintbrush, knife, etc…you are at high risk of developing tennis elbow.

Performing these push ups using the stand is a repetitive movement that requires a tight, strong grip which makes you susceptible to tennis elbow.

Some of the more popular stands and bars have the option to lock in place or allow it to twist from side to side.

This is EXTREMELY dangerous, not only for the obvious reason that you could fall flat on your face but you could easily tear the elbow tendon away from the bone with a sudden jerk.

If you must do push ups, stick to the basic push-up with your hands flat on the floor and up on your toes.

To make it more challenging, try elevating your feet up on a chair.

This will shift more of your weight forward and push you harder!

You can do just 5 steps at home to repair your tennis elbow injury so you can still do push ups or hit the gym.

Just click here where a short video tutorial will show you these simple steps you can do at home – right now!


One Response to Tennis Elbow Pain Doing Pushups with Stands

  1. Buh says:

    This is good advice. In my experience, it isn’t so much the grip that causes elbow irritation, but the increased range of motion during the pushup. I do knuckle pushups weekly and they sometimes irritate my elbows when I bend the arm completely. To avoid elbow pain, try reducing the range of motion by putting a tennis ball under your chest and lightly touching the ball on each rep. If that still hurts, try a taller object, like a baseball, softball, or even just a stack of books.

    Good luck.

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