waking-night-elbow-pain With all of the stresses of daily life, it can be a challenge to get a good nights sleep on the best of days.

For others, the source of their restless nights is pain.

Now what if you are one of the thousands of people who are waking up at night with elbow pain.

Let’s look and dig a little deeper to try to discover the source of your elbow pain.

First, take a closer look at your sleeping position.

Do you sleep on your side, are you a stomach sleeper or a flat on your back sleeper?

The side sleeper – could the source of your pain be your arm trapped or pinned under the side of your body?

This would cause a decrease in blood circulation to your arm.

As a result, when you wake, your arm and elbow will pain as the blood returns to it.

The stomach sleeper – do you fall asleep with your arm tucked under or trapped under your body?

Again, if so, this will result in limited blood supply and will cause pain and discomfort when you wake.

Or maybe you sleep with your arm elevated above your head resting on a pillow.

This too will cause the blood to drain from your arm and give the “pins and needles” effect.

The flat on your back sleeper – perhaps you fall asleep with your arm elevated above your head.

As with all the other sleeping positions, you too will experience pain in your arm and elbow due to a lack of blood supply.

The good news is that if this is the cause of you waking at night with elbow pain, then simply change your sleeping position and you’ll be fine.

But what if it’s not your sleeping position?  It could definitely be something a little more serious.

One of the more common symptoms of tennis elbow is waking up at night with elbow pain.

The pain is mostly localized on the lateral(outside) of the elbow but can sometimes shoot down the forearm and into the wrist.

Tennis elbow sufferers sometimes report when they do wake in the morning, their arm is extremely stiff and hard to straighten or extend.

The first thing you can do to help eliminate your elbow pain is apply some ice.

Don’t apply the ice directly to the skin as this will cause skin tissue damage.

Ice in a bag, then cover with a towel and apply to your arm for 10 minutes.

The second thing I recommend you do is try to identify the root cause or source of this elbow pain.

Did you recently play a sport or get involved in an activity that you normally don’t do?

Have you recently performed an activity or sport that required excessive wrist twisting or a tight grip on some sort of object to complete a task?

Some examples would be playing tennis, using a screwdriver or hammer, painting, using garden tools, performing construction work or handling power tools.

If you continue to wake at night with elbow pain, your arm and elbow hurts when you fully extend or straighten it and you feel discomfort and pain when you perform simple tasks throughout your day such as gripping a coffee mug, turning a doorknob or shaking someones hand, then there’s a 99% chance that you are suffering from tennis elbow but…

Don’t worry, there is an easy and quick way to treat and get rid of tennis elbow on your own, using 5 simple steps from the comfort of home …

without any special exercise equipment, expensive doctor/physio appointments, messy transdermal anti-inflammatory creams, bulky elbow braces or popping anti-inflammatory pills on a daily basis…

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