elbow-cracks-pushups Nails on a chalk board and elbow joints cracking doing push-ups, two things that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But if your elbow cracks while doing pushups, what exactly does this mean? Do you have an elbow injury? Will the elbow cracking ever go away? Is this bad, will it get worse?

Before we answer these questions, it’s important to understand why your joints crack in the first place. Everyone has there own opinion, including medical professionals and “soap box” heroes alike. Simply put – the exact cause of why any of your joints crack, including your elbow joint,  is unknown but…

As a general rule, if your elbow cracks while doing pushups or just cracks any and all the time when you extend your arm, it’s not harmful as long as you don’t have any associated pain. In social situations, elbow cracking doesn’t sound to pleasant and may irritate others but as long as you don’t have any pain, your elbow is in good working condition and you shouldn’t worry.

A myth that is commonly heard about joint cracking is that it promotes arthritis, this is simply untrue. Just because your elbow cracks all the time or during the push-up exercise, it doesn’t increase your chances or likelihood of developing elbow arthritis.

So what exactly creates the cracking noise in your joints? Basically what happens is that negative pressure pulls nitrogen gas into your joint and the release of this gas creates the popping or cracking sound.

It’s also not uncommon for the cracking noise to be heard when tendons snap over tissues due to misalignment or changes in their normal gliding paths or due to a build-up of scar tissue.

This usually happens when you have experienced an injury such as tennis elbow, which will be accompanied by pain in the upper forearm on the outside of the elbow. There may also be some swelling and inflammation in your elbow region.

Some other common signs that you may have tennis elbow is pain while doing pushups, your arm is stiff and hurts when you try to extend your arm fully, especially in the morning. Simple tasks such as gripping a coffee mug, turning a doorknob, shaking a someones hand causes pain.

So how do you know if you have tennis elbow? Another tell tale sign that you are suffering from tennis elbow is that you have elbow pain when doing pushups, using a screwdriver or any other movement that requires a tight grip on an object or extreme wrist rotation causes pain and discomfort.

If you elbow cracks while doing pushups and you have pain, there is a good chance you are suffering from tennis elbow.  If you choose to ignore the pain, it will get worse over time to the point where you may require surgery.

There is a simple way to stop your elbow pain and cracking while doing push-ups in just 5 simple steps from the comfort and convenience of your own home without any special exercise equipment.

Elbow cracks doing pushups


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2 Responses to Why Does My Elbow Crack Doing Pushups

  1. Asia says:

    Thanks so much! This helped a lot, I’m glad I’m not hurting my elbows in any way when I do push us now! :)

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