tennis-elbow-braces When many tennis elbow sufferers first discover that they have tennis elbow, their first concern is how to get rid of their nagging elbow pain.

Unfortunately far too many sufferers get lured down the path of using tennis elbow brace in trying to treat their pain and symptoms.

This is a mistake that only prolongs the suffering and misery and really does nothing to treat the root cause of the pain.

I can tell you from experience that tennis elbow braces really are “smoke and mirrors” and do nothing for tennis elbow pain relief.

When you first put one on, your arm/elbow immediately feels well supported but can feel bulky and restrictive depending on the activities you want to participate in.

So why is it that doctors recommend you get a tennis elbow brace? Doctors are quick to recommend these devices simply because most doctors don’t specialize in treating tennis elbow.

They want to give you something that will give you the “feeling” that your tennis elbow will get better if you wear one.

An elbow brace is primarily used to immobilize your elbow or provide support while you go about performing your daily activities.

The perfect scenario is that the elbow brace will prevent further damage to your already injured tendons and muscles.

This is what gives the tennis elbow sufferer a false sense of security and is simply a fa-sad.

As a result of wearing a tennis elbow brace, support or band, your tennis elbow injury will not get better.  Many sufferers go on for months and sometimes years, wearing a tennis elbow brace.

Why is this?

Simply because they are still suffering from tennis elbow and it’s not getting better!  On the contrary, their tennis elbow injury is actually getting worse!

Does this sound like a good way to treat tennis elbow?  Of course not!

Wearing a brace for tennis elbow treatment simply prolongs your pain, suffering and recovery time.

The worse thing you can do for a repetitive stress injury such as tennis elbow is to stop all activity altogether that involves using your arm.

So what do doctors and health professionals continue to point tennis elbow sufferers in the direction of the elbow brace aisle?

Tennis elbow bands, supports and braces really only give you hope that your tennis elbow injury will heal.

Yes, when you put one on, your arm feels all warm and supported and you may even feel confident enough to go back to whichever activity caused your tennis elbow injury in the first place.

But don’t be fooled!

You are simply prolonging the amount of time it will take for your injury to be cured.

Ever wonder why when you take a tennis elbow brace off your arm feels like a spaghetti noodle?

It’s because when you are wearing one, your damaged muscles and tendons enter a sleep like mode. All this really does is promote muscle weakness and fatigue.

Shouldn’t you be trying to strengthen your damaged forearm muscles and elbow tendons instead of making them weaker by wearing a tennis elbow brace?

That is why I only recommend wearing an elbow brace until you’ve been medically diagnosed by a doctor , have had an x-taken and a broken bone has been ruled out.

This should take no longer than a week.

Within the first 2 weeks of suffering a tennis elbow injury, you will have some swelling and inflammation, if your injury has occurred longer than 2 weeks ago, there is good chance that you won’t see any signs of inflammation and swelling at the elbow.

Believe me when I say that if you are one of those people who continues wearing a tennis elbow brace longer than 2 weeks after your injury, you’re simply making your condition worse and only extending your recovery time from this stubborn but painful injury.

Now for the good news!

For those who are serious about eliminating and curing their tennis elbow once and for all, you don’t have to prolong the pain and suffering of tennis elbow.

All it really takes are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do from the comfort and convenience of your own living room, sitting in your comfy chair watching your favorite television show – without any special exercise equipment or gadgets!

how tennis elbow braces prolong pain

It’s free!

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