where to start tennis elbowOne of the most confusing things about tennis elbow is knowing where to start.

Once you have learned that you do have this terrible condition, how do you know and decide where to start when it comes to your treatment?

For people who have just learned they have tennis elbow and it’s been 6 weeks or less, then you are in the acute phase of your injury.

The best starting point for you is to immediately stop doing what caused your injury and/or avoid doing activities that make your elbow pain worse.

You may find that taking OTC anti-inflammatory medication everyday for at least two weeks can provide pain relief.

Even if after a few days of taking the medication, your elbow feels fine, I recommend you keep taking it anyway.

Taking any kind of medication can cause stomach problems for some people, if this is the case for you, I recommend you try another brand.

In the early acute phase of your injury, stretching can help a lot.  Click here to get the 2 best stretches for tennis elbow that you should do at least twice a day for 2 weeks.

When you are carrying or lifting anything that is over 5lbs, try to keep your palm facing upwards.

This will help take strain off the outside of your elbow and stop your elbow from hurting.

During this stage of your injury, way too many people give up on their treatment and think that nothing will work.

It is important to stay the course and keep following the prescribed treatment.

As mentioned earlier, if the anti-inflammatory drugs are causing you stomach problems, please don’t ignore this.

Switch out to another medication or even better see your Doctor.

During the acute phase, please stay away from your normal activities.

These can include playing any sports, hobbies that require you to perform repetitive tasks with your injured arm or even work tasks that make elbow pain more severe.

For people who are past the 6 weeks threshold, then you are moving into the severe stage of tennis elbow.

You probably notice that you have elbow pain everyday, instead of every other day in the acute phase.  In order to recover from this stage of tennis elbow, you will need to be a little more proactive and require a more comprehensive approach to overcoming your injury.

Again pain medication can be taken at this stage of your injury but you may find that you need to take more on a daily basis for it to be effective.

This is when most people start to notice stomach troubles.  Upset stomach can be caused by stomach ulcers.

Medication can aggravate the ulcers and give you a not so good feeling.

Stretching is recommended at this stage as well.  Faithfully stretching in the morning and evening can help take the tightness out of your forearm and help with pain relief.

Use pain as a guide as to what you can and cannot do.  Even simple tasks such as twisting lids off a jar or even holding a beer or coffee mug causes extreme elbow pain.

At this point, most people are ready to tear their hair out.

They are desperate for help and the only other options that Doctors offer them is a cortisone shot.  Although I am STRONGLY against cortisone shots, you may get 4 weeks of pain relief BUT …

You should know that your elbow pain will comeback and that cortisone shots are not a permanent solution for tennis elbow.

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Beyond the acute and severe stages of tennis elbow comes the chronic stage.  So what works best for tennis elbow if you are in the chronic stage of your injury?

This stage is characterized by symptoms that include elbow pain everyday, your elbow is severely stiff in the morning, you may have elbow pain while sleeping, you can’t even shake hands with anyone without grimacing in pain.

No amount of pain medication will prove effective at this point.  The usual treatments such as icing your arm, wearing an elbow brace or cortisone shots will work.

The only thing that will work at this point is a dedicated treatment program for tennis elbow that specifically targets your damaged and injured tendons.

But before you start any sort of treatment program, you should first be evaluated by a medical professional to rule out other kinds of conditions or injuries.

There could be a more serious reason as to why your elbow is not healing or responding to traditional types of treatment methodologies.

Once it has been confirmed that you have tennis elbow, then you can jump straight in and start a self, home treatment program.

This will allow you to heal at your own pace and from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Surprisingly enough most tennis elbow sufferers don’t know that home treatment is even an option.  Why?

Because Doctors don’t tell them.  Doctors are quick to refer patients to Physical Therapists without even realizing that most people can’t afford this kind of treatment.

Thankfully, you can get access to the exact same exercises, stretches and techniques that PT offers, only it is free and won’t cost you a dime.

If this is something that you are interested in, then go and watch this step-by-step information video on how to get started with treatment for tennis elbow at home.