elbow-aches-and-pains It’s a given that as we age, we can expect to suffer from a few aches and pains every now and then.  Sometimes the pain will come and go while other times the pain is more of a nuisance and sticks with us.  We can deal with some aches in specific parts of the body better than others.  But when it comes to elbow aches and pains, we really need to dig a little deeper to discover the root cause of it simply because we rely on the use of our arm on a daily basis to perform the most basic tasks.

There can be many different causes of your elbow pain and ache.  You could have taken a fall onto a hard surface with your elbow recently or simply caught your elbow on a door frame and struck your ‘funny bone’.  You could have slept with your arm curled under your body one night which has caused your elbow to be stiff and painful.  Perhaps your elbow hurts when bent?  Maybe you’ve recently started a new hobby, sport or activity that involves using a tight grip on an object combined with excessive wrist rotation?

But what if you’re simply at a loss of why your elbow pains and aches?  It could actually be something a little more serious than an ache that you can attribute to age, especially if you have no idea where the elbow pain originated from.

Two of the most common type of elbow injuries that you can suffer from are golfers elbow and tennis elbow.  About 90% of all reported cases of elbow aches and pains in doctors clinics around the world are one or the other.  Let’s take a look first at golfers elbow and some of it’s common symptoms.

Golfers elbow is commonly described as aches and pain on the inside of the elbow.  So when your arm is hanging down by your side, it’s the side of the elbow that is closest to your body.   You don’t have to play golf to suffer from a golfers elbow injury.  Golfers elbow can be caused by any activity that requires forceful and constant bending of the fingers and wrists.  So for example,  a baseball player.  When a baseball player swings a bat, just before the swing of the bat to make contact with the ball, their fingers and wrists are under extreme force and pressure to grip the bat to swing and make contact with the ball.  This repetitive action can cause wear and tear on the muscles and tendons that lead to the inside of the elbow and can cause small tears in the flexor tendons over time – which can lead to inflammation and cause golfers elbow.

Now for the most commonly reported type of elbow injury that causes aches and pain in your elbow is an injury called tennis elbow.  Just like golfers elbow, you don’t have to be a tennis player to suffer from tennis elbow.  Over 95% of all reported cases of tennis elbow every year are from non-tennis players!

Tennis elbow is commonly described by sufferers as pain on the outside of the elbow that increases as you grasp an object.  So for example, elbow aches and pain that gets worse when you grip a coffee mug, shake someone’s hand, turn a doorknob or simply carry a grocery bag.  Tennis elbow sufferers sometimes report arm stiffness in the morning and difficulty in extending their arm fully.  Any type of twisting actions of the forearm also increases your elbow pain, such as using a screwdriver or any type of power tool.

If you can relate to any of the above statement, there is a good chance that you are suffering from tennis elbow.  But don’t worry – you’re not alone.  However, I must warn you that tennis elbow is not an injury you should ignore, simply because the longer you wait to treat it, the worse your elbow pain will get and the longer your recovery will take!

But here’s the good news!  All it really take to completely eliminate your elbow aches and pains and fully recover from a tennis elbow injury are 5 simple, step-by-step techniques that you can do from the comfort of your own living room, sitting in your comfy chair watching your favorite television show – without any special exercise equipment or gadgets!

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  1. Hammat says:

    The first i played volleyball and got pain with my thumb. That time it was really hurt for a long time. Sometimes, it stops pain, but it usually pains again when i play volleyball. And my pain elbow maybe because of my pain thumb. What should i do?

  2. Bobby Lawrence says:


  3. […] inside of your elbow up against the bone that gives you that ‘funny sensation’ yet your elbow aches and pains, which is no laughing […]

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