elbow-hurts-to-touchThere can be many reasons why your elbow hurts.  You may have just taken a fall or accidentally bumped it?  Perhaps you’ve hyperextended your elbow playing a sport or participating in your favorite activity?  Regardless of how you’ve injured your elbow, all you know is that your elbow hurts to touch.  So what exactly does this mean?

We will get to that in just a moment, where I will show you 5 simple, easy-to-follow techniques that you can do right now to immediately stop your elbow from hurting when you touch it!

If you are suffering from this kind of elbow irritation, you are most likely suffering from one of the following injuries.

First, your elbow could be broken.  Along with your elbow being tender to the touch, you will most likely be experiencing some pain, inflammation and swelling.  Your “normal” range of motion will be restricted and there’s really only one way to know for sure if you have suffered a fracture in one of your arm bones.  And that is to have your arm x-rayed by your doctor or at a hospital.

Secondly, you could be suffering from a common elbow condition called elbow bursitis.  This type of elbow injury occurs mostly from taking a hard fall onto your elbow, blunt force blow to the elbow or if you lean on your elbows alot (..for example, if you lean on your elbows at work when you type with your keyboard).  What happens is that the bursa sac which contains lubricating fluid that keeps your elbow joint lubricated and working freely, becomes inflamed and swollen from some sort of trauma.  Besides your elbow being tender to the touch, it may also feel hot and be red in colour.  If this is the case for you, the best way to treat it is with antibiotic cream which you can get from a pharmacist.

The third possible reason why your elbow hurts to touch is because you could be suffering from an elbow injury called golfers elbow.  You do not have to play golf to suffer from golfers elbow.  The most common symptom of this injury is elbow pain on the inside of your elbow.  Golfers elbow occurs when the flexor tendon that attaches on the inside of your elbow suffers small micro tears from performing repetitive actions over an extended period of time.  If you perform actions where you are constantly bending your fingers and wrist to keep a tight grip on an object to perform a specific task, you maybe suffering from golfers elbow.

And the last but definitely not least reason why your elbow is tender to the touch and hurts, is that it is likely possible that you may be suffering from the most commonly reported elbow injury year after year.  It is an elbow injury called tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is described by those who suffer from it as pain, inflammation and tenderness on the outside of the elbow.  As with golfers elbow, you don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow.  Simply because over 95% of cases every year that show up in doctor’s offices are from individuals who have not even held a tennis racquet.

A tennis elbow injury occurs when the extensor tendon that attaches on the lateral/outside of your elbow bone suffers a small micro tear from performing repetitive actions over a long period of time.  Tennis elbow rarely ever develops over night.

There are other tell tale signs that you are suffering from a tennis elbow injury, such as: elbow pain that increases when you extend or flex your wrist, a weakening hand grip, you are dropping things more often than before, an increase in elbow pain when you perform simple tasks such as opening the lid on a jar, shaking someone’s hand, carrying grocery bags or even turning a doorknob.  Are you experiencing a burning sensation on the outside of your elbow?  Does your elbow pain sometimes radiate from your elbow, down your forearm and into your wrist?

These are just some of the symptoms you may be experiencing besides an elbow that hurts to touch.  So what’s the fastest way on how to fix tennis elbow for good, so it never comes back?

The answer to this question is probably not what you may think or have heard!  Most sufferers of tennis elbow think they have to spend a small fortune to get rid of it once and for all.  Unfortunately, I was one of those people!  I am telling you this because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes or waste your money like I did on doctors, physio, elbow braces, cortisone shots, massage therapy, medical gimmicks and gadgets.

The real solution on how to cure tennis elbow is much more simple than even I could have imagined!  And the best part is that it only takes 5 simple, easy-to-follow techniques that you can do at home, sitting in your comfy chair watching your favourite television show without any medical gadgets or exercise equipment!

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