chronic-tennis-elbow-treatment If you suffer from chronic tennis elbow which is also known as lateral epicondylitis then it’s even more important you get the right treatment option.  There are a number of natural chronic tennis elbow treatments that you can consider but in some cases surgery may be your only option when all others have failed.

There have been a number of studies carried out into the treatment for chronic tennis elbow and the results(or sometimes lackthereof…) of arthroscopic surgery.

Patients who suffer with chronic tennis elbow may opt for non-operative methods and these will include rest, modifying activities and a very specific set of tennis elbow exercises.  Bracing, cortisone injections and physical therapy can also be used but these are mostly band-aid solutions.

Tennis elbow is normally the results of repetitive activities and is not restricted to those who play tennis even if the name might suggest it.  People who play golf are also prone to tennis elbow as are any individuals who work with their hands doing repetitive motions.

Most people who suffer with chronic tennis elbow will prefer to look at all the alternatives before opting for surgery.  There are a number of natural methods that can be used to treat chronic tennis elbow and these include acupressure and reflexology.  Massage is another treatment method that can be successful.  With each of these natural methods you can learn to do the treatment yourself at home and this can be very useful especially if you are massaging your elbow two or three times a day.

The most common method of treatment is tennis elbow exercises but if your tennis elbow pain is too severe then these exercises might not be an option and you might want to try applying ice cold packs to reduce the inflammation that causes all the pain.  But it’s important to remember that even when going through the healing process, you will experience inflammation.  There are a number of different exercises that you can use for tennis elbow and many of these exercises focus on strengthening the damaged muscles and tendons that help support and move the elbow joint and wrists.  You get all of these proven treatment exercises as part of the Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed System.

If surgery is to be used as a treatment for chronic tennis elbow then the pathological tissue is removed entirely.  This method of surgery is known as an arthroscopic debridement for chronic tendinitis.  The pain for patients is minimal and the function of the elbow after the surgery can be good depending on the success of the surgery.  No further treatment is required if this option is chosen and you modify the activities that caused the tennis elbow injury in the first place.

Surgery for chronic tennis elbow pain is advised by your physician only and it is usually recommended if no other methods seem to be working.  If surgery is a success(…it can sometimes be unsuccessful) then no further treatment is necessary.  As with all surgical procedures studies are ongoing and these studies are continuing to look at all of the surgical methods available for chronic tennis elbow in order to find the best approach for this condition.

2 Responses to Treating Chronic Tennis Elbow Pain

  1. zach ratcliffe says:

    I developed tennis elbow 1 year ago due to boxing 4 times a week, since then it has got worse and i cant carry a small bag without pain. Does anybody have any tips on how to heal chronic tennis elbow? thanks

  2. wanda sher says:

    I developed tennis elbow after taking my dogs for a walk and pulling on the leads when they tried to run to attack a stray dog. This was 6 months ago and the pain is getting worse. I have had 2 cortisone injections and my doctor is not happy about giving me a third and feels that surgery is the best option. I am petrified to have surgery and would really appreciate some alternative ideas as to how to manage the pain and reduce the inflammation.

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