tennis-elbow-resting Have you read on the internet or been told from “armchair Doctors” that rest is the best thing for tennis elbow?  If so, get ready to be shocked!  As I am about to call BS on this and here’s why …

We believe that somehow when we rest, our body naturally goes into healing mode.  While this can be true for conditions of exhaustion, this cannot be said for tendon injuries such as tennis elbow.

You could literally sit around the house for months resting and babying your affected arm and return to whichever action, movements, or activity that was responsible for your injury only to discover that your pain is still there or even worse than before.

Why shouldn’t you be resting your tennis elbow injury as much as possible?

The major reason why complete rest of your elbow is a bad idea if you a full recovery is that your tendon requires blood and lots of it in order to heal.

What about the R.I.C.E protocol when it comes to treating tennis elbow, doesn’t it apply?

It does but here is what you must understand.  R. stands for rest, I is for ice, C is for compression and E is for elevate.  As far as Rest goes, yes you should rest your arm when you have tennis elbow but what it means is that you need to rest your arm from actions and movements that aggravate your elbow and increase your pain.

Complete rest of your arm is a recipe for disaster and is actually your enemy when you are trying to get better.  Throwing on an elbow brace can help protect your arm and signal to others that you have an elbow injury and to avoid bumping into it but …

Totally immobilization of your affected your elbow does nothing to stimulate healing and advance your recovery time.

Many people are of the thought that tendons and muscles can heal fast with rest just like a cut or scrape heals with time.  This is not the case for tennis elbow.  You need to keep your arm moving so that there is a steady supply of fresh healthy blood which is important for healing purposes.

If you rest too much and hardly get up off the couch, inevitably your tendons and muscles will weaken.  It is much easier to reduce motions and activities that aggravate your elbow if they are on the recreational level.  Ones that are job related are much more difficult to cut out altogether.

The whole idea is to keep your arm moving and not to engage in activities, hobbies, or sports that causes pain in your elbow.  You may find that your elbow hurts when you straighten and extend your arm.  This is completely normal when you have tennis elbow.

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What kind of movements and actions can you do that won’t make your injury worse?

Simple tasks such as twisting the top off a jug of milk or opening a door may feel painful but these one-off movements is not going to make your tennis elbow injury worse.  It is actions such as 4 hours of DIY home maintenance or playing 3 sets of tennis which is going to make your condition worse.  This will only make your elbow more sore than before.

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It is important to use your affected arm everyday and not to overdue it.  Opening and closing the hand of your affected arm ensures that the muscles and tendons in your forearm/elbow are engaged.  This ensures that blood keeps flowing to your damaged tissues, promoting healing and strong repair of your tendon.


What is better than rest for tennis elbow?


It is easy to get caught up in the rest notion for your injury.  It is not your fault.  It is simply a generally accepted behavior and natural thinking that rest is best for any type of injury or accident.

When it comes to tennis elbow there are three simple steps that will help improve your chances of a full recovery.

  1. Keep your affected arm moving and do slow control movements such as extending and flexing your wrist or extending your arm fully.  Even making a wave motion with your hand will ensure that your tendons and muscles are engaged.
  2. Slowly start out with tennis elbow stretches.  There are many you can do but you should start out with only one and then add in others once your pain subsides and you have started a proven and successful treatment plan.
  3. If you ever want your tennis elbow pain gone for good and return to which ever activity that caused your injury in the first place, you must start strengthening exercises for tennis elbow.  Without them you will never fully recover!

Many people fail to see their treatment through and only ever half recover from their injury.  You would never want your Dentist to half fix your teeth so why would start a treatment program for tennis elbow and not see it through till the end?

If you don’t at least follow the 3 steps above, your hopes of a full recovery are quite slim.  And it goes without saying that if you think the cure for tennis elbow can be found in the bottom of a pill bottle or with cortisone injections or pulling on an elbow brace, then you really need a reality check.  They are not the solution!

But what works way better than resting your painful elbow is a treatment system designed to work regardless of how long you have been suffering with tennis elbow.  It involves just 5 easy steps that you do at home.  All you need is a water bottle and a broomstick to get started.

This treatment system has been helping individuals just like you heal and recover from tennis elbow since 2005.

Don’t wait for your tennis elbow to get worse.  No amount of rest will rid you of this nagging condition altogether.

Isn’t it time you got your life back and started enjoying the activities that you thought you would never return to?

Take action today and cure your tennis elbow at home with Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed.

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